This Company Now Delivers Your Packages Directly...To Your CAR BOOT?!

First, there came the news that logistics giant, Amazon wanted permission to unlock some of its Amazon Prime members front door so that it could leave your packages inside your home. For convenience sake of course. Now, Amazon is going on using your car boot.

Image from:  theVerge

Image from: theVerge

In a surprise announcement, Amazon will be rolling out a new service that gives its couriers access to a person’s vehicle for the purpose of leaving package deliveries inside. How, you ask? Well, Amazon wants to use the connected technologies built-into many modern vehicles today. And the company is working with two major automakers in the USA; General Motors and Volvo, with the service expected to roll out to 37 cities in the US.

But how does it all work?

To start, users will have to add their cars to the Amazon Key app and include a description of the vehicle, so Amazon’s couriers will be able to locate it. The car will need to be parked within a certain radius of an address used for Amazon deliveries, so either home or work. Parking lots and street parking are considered eligible locations. The courier then logs into his or her own app to verify the delivery and the car, based on pictures and the car plate number. Once it’s verified, the app will send out a request to unlock the car to either GM or Volvo’s connected car services. The package will then be placed inside and the boot locked before the courier is allowed to leave.

Image from:  CNNmoney

Image from: CNNmoney

It sounds like a whole lot of technology to process!

“We were really happy with the response to in-home delivery,” Peter Larsen, vice president of delivery technology at Amazon said. “What we wanted to do — and it was part of the plan all along — is how we take that beyond the home.”

Still, there are some worries about the security angle of this service. However, Amazon says that multiple notifications, plus the option to block access at any time, ensures the customer remains in control of the process.

“It’s safe and secure,” Larsen said.

If anything, the cost perspective and the convenience it brings may get a lot of backers for Amazon’s new service. All Amazon requires is the right vehicle, and the willingness to let Amazon’s couriers unlock your vehicle.

Image from:  SlashGear

Image from: SlashGear

What do you think about this brand new technology? Would you dare to give it a go if they introduced it here in Malaysia? Leave a comment below!