This Company Is Incorporating SPACE TECH To Make Your Motorbike Safer


Riding on a motorcycle makes all of us more vulnerable as compared to sitting in a car. It’s part of the risk of riding a bike, but it’s also for the thrill. For many years, motorcycle manufacturers have been working to increase the safety of the riders with technologies like inflatable vests, smart helmets and others to increase the protection on the riders. Some are successful, some, not so much.

So where will the next inspiration come from? Well, German manufacturer Bosch thinks that the next big break may come from space, the final frontier.

Bosch’s idea is based on thrusters used by astronauts drifting through the nothingness of space. These compressed gas thrusters may help motorcyclists recover from dangerous skids while leaned over, and the pressurized gas to help you get a grip on the situation when things go wrong.

Image from:  hiconsumption

Image from: hiconsumption

Bosch’s sliding mitigation system will use a principle similar to an airbag to provide a lateral push when the bike is leaned in and loses friction on a slippery surface. Instead of a bag being deployed, pressurized gas is instantly and briefly released on the side the motorcycle is leaning as soon as the tires lose grip to help regain control. Think of it as a gentle push out of a potentially dangerous and definitely frustrating situation.

Image from:  drivespark

Image from: drivespark

Also like an airbag, the thruster will only work once before needing a replacement. And a new system probably won’t be cheap to swap, though, according to Bosch, no pricing or release date have been announced as of yet.

The increased safety of these thrusters will definitely help save many motorcyclists out of a pickle. What do you think? Do you think you would like to have this tech incorporated into your bike? Leave a comment below!