The Aurus Senat

A gorgeous front view of presidential vehicle Aurut Senat that fitted a twin-turbocharged 4.4 liter V8 engine.     Picture: The Aurus Senat by Aurus

A gorgeous front view of presidential vehicle Aurut Senat that fitted a twin-turbocharged 4.4 liter V8 engine.

Picture: The Aurus Senat by Aurus

Earlier this year, Russian President Vladimir Putin demonstrated a new presidential vehicle called the Aurus Senat; a four-door, fully-sized luxury vehicle designed and produced in Russia.

This vehicle is produced by the Russian government itself, through a state-owned manufacturer known as “NAMI” which translates to The Central Scientific Research Automobile and Engines Institute. The production of this car and its use as the Presidential vehicle is quite significant from a symbolic perspective as it is also meant to showcase Russia’s ability to produce its own high-end vehicles without depending on overseas resources, especially since other countries are increasing sanctions against the nation.

Additionally, this car was developed as a way to help the local Russian car industry by financing the production of new technologies and the production of key components, all of which was to be done locally in Russia. This comes as a great help to local manufacturers of cars and car components, seeing as how it reduces their need to spend time, money and other resources on research and development. Instead, they are able to rely on the technology produced by the government of Russia through its state-owned enterprises.

The design and production of the Aurus Senat started in 2013, but was only unveiled in May of 2018 after President Putin’s inauguration ceremony, which was televised throughout Russia and the rest of the world.  While the Presidential version of the car was unveiled in that manner, the civilian version on the other hand was shown at the Moscow Motor Show this year as well.

There are a number of significant features that the civilian version does not have, even though it is mainly designed for wealthy and powerful buyers. The Presidential version is heavily armoured and is said to be both bulletproof and bomb-proof as well. To ensure that the vehicle can remain mobile under any circumstances, its wheels are also steel-reinforced.

With all this armour weighing down the vehicle at a total of six (6) tonnes, it requires a very strong engine to power it forward. This is why it uses a very powerful engine designed and produced in collaboration with Porsche especially for the Aurus Senat, a twin-turbocharged 4.4 liter V8 engine.

The interior of the Aurus Senat is not only luxuriously comfortable, it is also highly technological and full of security features, some of which are not known to the public. Passengers inside will enjoy an elegant interior featuring wood and leather materials, while the entire cabin is air-tight and can even remain submerged underwater to protect its occupants if for whatever reason the car ends up going underwater.

The Senat isn’t the only vehicle being developed under the Aurus brand name. Also included in the lineup will be a minivan, an all-electric motorcycle, an SUV, as well as an off-road vehicle. While the prices for the civilian version of the Aurus Senat is not yet confirmed, it is said to be at least 20% cheaper than its foreign counterparts like Bentley and Rolls-Royce.