The All New Aston Martin Lagonda Vision Concept Is EPIC!


Another day, another new concept for the car of the future. This time, Aston Martin is giving us a view of the future with its all new Lagonda Vision Concept. The Lagonda concept is showing a glimpse of what Aston Martin designers have in mind for the future of the brand.

Aston Martin began using the Lagonda nameplate in the 1960s for a series of advanced, ultra-luxurious sporting sedans. The cars are very much defined by their power, technology, and a certain forward-looking opulence.

Image from:  CNET

Image from: CNET

For one, the new Lagonda boasts of an interior meant to compete with the best luxury vehicles in the world, such as Rolls-Royce and Bentley. The Lagonda also features unique cashmere, silk, carbon fiber, and ceramic-trimmed elements, fashioned by famed British furniture maker David Linley. One of the most exciting features of the car is the rear seats that recline like those in a first-class airline cabin, and giant winged doors that allow for easier boarding.

The car’s exterior is even more of a beauty. The car is a mixture of futuristic stunner, and the wool, wood, chrome and leather tradition that has made Aston Martin what it is today.

“There are tiny hints of heritage in the brand, but the ethos is not a heritage-driven product,” says Marek Reichman, head of design for Aston-Martin Lagonda. “Even though it was created in 1904, it has always been a category disruptor.”

“Tesla was a little bit frightened when they developed their electric car. It has a nice profile, but it looks very much like a traditional internal combustion engine car,” says Reichman. “We are pushing the boundaries of the design language we could get to with the electric technology we have at hand. If Aston Martin is visceral and natural, Lagonda is un-natural, pushing into doing new things.”

Image from:  Jalopnik

Image from: Jalopnik

The car is also a huge step forward for the environment as it will be the first all-electric, zero-tailpipe-emissions model among the ultra-high end vehicle line. This initial vehicle is expected to have a 400-mile battery range and all-wheel-drive, as well as boasting of fully autonomous drive.

Isn’t this just an amazing car? Would you like to give it a go? Leave a comment below!

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