Stars of TOC- Yap Choo Yee


Life in the Fast-Lane

What are you currently up to now?

I am currently working on car tuning and performance. My main job is to create a tuning file and remap the car so that it can achieve better performance.

How has TOC changed your life?

When I was studying at TOC, I have learned practically everything in terms of automotive technical knowledge. It was a great stepping stone for me when I first entered the work force. I used the knowledge acquired to diagnose and solve problems professionally in my work place. I would personally like to thank TOC for guiding me through and I am happy in pursuing this dream job.

What are your thoughts on the Automotive Industry?

The industry is very fast-paced. Technology keeps growing every single day and I realized that, the industry still lack professionals. We need more individuals from the younger generation to keep this industry moving.

What are your current Hobbies?

My current hobby is to work-out in the gym as it promotes a healthier lifestyle. Aside from that, I love reading car magazines to keep myself updated on the latest automotive news.

Advice for students who wants to pursue automotive education

Follow your passion and DO NOT give up! One day, you will really appreciate this field if you are passionate about it.

Favourite cars and why?

My favourite car would be the Mitsubishi Evolution IX because the handling is perfect and it is fun to drive on all kinds of road; be it even on a race track.

What are the achievements you have made so far?

I was chosen to be part of a pit crew for a racing team to attend a 12-hour endurance race at Sepang International Circuit. We’ve managed to bag the 2nd Runner-up placement and I am proud of it!