Interview by Peter Burns – Asia Motorsport Development

What are you currently up to now?

I am currently preparing for the entrance exam in my University, located in Germany. Learning never stops and education is key!

How has TOC changed your life?

TOC has given me a good learning experience and a study environment.

Thoughts on the Automotive Industry

Honestly, the whole process and field is very simple as soon as you understand and grasp the whole concept of automotive. It may have seemed complicated at first but everything takes time to digest.

Current Hobbies

I like attending seminars and talks related to anything Automotive. On the other hand, I also like playing badminton.

 Advice for students who wants to pursue an education in Automotive

I would say, just go for it! If you like something, go and get it.

Fav cars and why?

It would be the Pagani because it has a tremendously great design, both inside-out.