Quick Ways to Cool Your Car

The temperature inside our car can reach up to  60.7°C  or ABOVE!!  Picture: Julian Griffiths via Pexels.com

The temperature inside our car can reach up to 60.7°C or ABOVE!!

Picture: Julian Griffiths via Pexels.com

Malaysian weather is one of extremes, though it tends to go in one of two directions: either its rains and it pours heavily, or it gets quite hot. This is presumably why the Malaysian market is very dependent on air-conditioners, be it for their homes or offices and most definitely for its cars.

Depending on how much time you spend in your car everyday, your vehicle’s air-conditioner unit could experience quite a lot of stress, working endlessly to lower the temperature of your car’s cabin while keeping the heat out.

However, there may be days when even the most well-maintained car air-conditioning system might not be enough to keep you cool during your commute. Or for some people, keeping their air-conditioning system might be temporarily out of their budget.

So what can you do to feel cool when your car’s air-conditioner might not be working at its best? Let’s explore a few ideas.

1. Open Two Windows!

Think back to your science classes in school and ask yourself, what does the human body need to keep cool? Our bodies are capable of keeping themselves cool by bringing the heat to the surface of our skin to be picked up by the air around us. What’s needed for this process to be more efficient is for there to be a constant flow of air to ‘catch’ the heat and take it away.

For this to work best while we’re in a car is to simply roll down two windows, one at the front of the car and one at the rear, so that air may flow freely through the cabin as you drive the car forward. The more efficiently air flows past your skin, the more efficient your body cools itself down.

Alternatively, this can also be achieved by using a small fan inside the car, powered by batteries or even by plugging it into the car’s cigarette lighter or USB port (if your car has either of them) to create the same effect!

2. Let Your Car Breathe!

Similarly, you could also roll down your windows by about an inch whenever you’re parked. This way heat doesn’t build up so much inside the car, especially when you leave it in the parking lot at work or at the mall. Just be sure not to open the window too much, as it could allow water into the car if it rains, and could increase the risk of your car being broken into.

Alternatively, there are also cheap gadgets available these days consisting of a solar-powered fan attached to your car window that actively draws out air to keep your car ventilated and maintain a lower temperature while its parked. Check your preferred e-commerce website or go to your favourite car accessory retailer to find get one!

3. Keep It Dark!

One thing that Malaysia has plenty of is direct sunlight, which is also a major reason why our cars tend to get very hot in the first place. While ventilation may be a more active way of making ourselves feel cool in our cars, blocking out sunlight is a passive way of achieving the same outcome.

Ideally, the car should be tinted to as much as local laws will allow, because tinting filters out most of the sunlight and UV rays that heat up your car.

However, you could also purchase some very affordable car sun shades or visors that you can stick to your car windows to keep sunlight out and reduce heat in the car’s cabin. Of course, this type of solution should only be applied in such a way that the driver’s visibility is not affected, as this could then pose a safety issue for all those in the car.

4. Reflect Those Sunrays!

Throw some of those sunrays back out! Get some cheap reflective sunshades for your front and rear windshields. Made of reflective materials, they help to bounce those UV rays from the sun away from your vehicle, keeping it from heating up too much in the first place.

Combining all of these methods with a well-maintained car air-conditioning system will ensure that your car ride is as comfortable as possible!