Marcus Ooi

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Can you tell us about your background and why did you choose TOC?

I’m Malaysian and my Dad works as a marketing manager for Fujifilm and my Mum is a house wife.  I have two sisters, one is at College and the other is in secondary school. 

I have always been interested in motorsport and would love to travel overseas to other countries and work internationally as a race mechanic, maybe one day Formula One!  I am on the Motorsport course at TOC and chose them because they are in the motorsport industry and it has a good reputation. 

You've now been part of the TOC pit crew with Caterham now for two years and I remember how keen you were when you were taking photographs.  You obviously enjoy it, so why did you volunteer for the Caterham motorsport experience?

Because I wanted to do something other than repair cars and I wanted the challenge of working as part of the pit crew.  What do I enjoy it? I love and enjoy mostly everything about it!  When I first started with all new students there didn’t seem to be teamwork. Everyone was enthusiastically rushing here and rushing there, but there was no student leading them so it appeared to be very messy at the time.  However, with time thanks to Caterham, the team has learnt discipline, time keeping, precision and the team has come together.

What are some of the most important lessons you have learned?

Everything needs to be specific and there cannot be mistakes such as with the seat belts, the tyres and the engine.  The important lessons are preparation, cleaning, discipline, and timing, especially getting the car out onto the track on time.

Which bits did you enjoy the most, what got you most excited?

Hearing the sound when they are fast.

How do you think that the experience you have learnt with TOC and Caterham will benefit you in the future?

People will be able to see the advantages I’ve got of learning about motorsport and my practical experience and they can see my skill.

What are you career aspirations? Where do you see yourself in 10 to 20 years’ time?

Maybe after 20 years I can be the chief of one team.

What is the next step on your career path?

Trying to find a team where I can be part of the pit crew as a mechanic.

Thank you very much Marcus and good luck.