How To Use Social Media To Become A Car Expert

Photo by Tracy Le Blanc from Pexels

Photo by Tracy Le Blanc from Pexels

How much of your day do you spend on social media? Regardless of which platform you use, odds are that you’re spending a big portion of your daily 24 hours scrolling through and seeing what everyone else is doing in their lives. Looking at great images and reading updates can be a good way of keeping you entertained and informed, but many people don’t realise that using social media can also make you an expert!

Social media can be leveraged as a key tool to help you become a expert on cars or even other automobiles! Just as how each social media platform has different strengths and weaknesses and is used for different purposes, each one can benefit your automotive education in its own special little way. Whether you prefer watching videos or getting into stimulating discussions with people in the comments section, there is plenty of knowledge to be gained if you used social media to your benefit.

Here are a few tips on using different social media platforms to educate yourself on cars and other automotive forms.


Say the name ‘Youtube’ and people think about cute cat videos. While there is an abundance of such videos, there are also plenty of instructional and educational videos that help you learn how to do anything, from changing a tire to maintaining your car. Search a little deeper and you’ll find automotive videos that examine and discuss more specialised topics, such as the differences between mineral oils and fully-synthetic motor oils, for example.

What’s even better is that you can use the comments section under each video to discuss the topic at length and sometimes even get into stimulating debates with people that help you open your mind to new ideas and concepts.

Imagine being able to build video playlists according to topics that you’re learning in college. That way, when it comes time to refresh your knowledge, you can just load up the relevant playlists and go through them again whenever you need to.

Youtube as a social media platform is great to help you understand the more technical and hands-on aspects when it comes to cars.


Let me tell you a secret: there are two types of LinkedIn users. Some people only use LinkedIn when they’re searching for jobs, which is why their profiles are usually inactive. The other kind uses it all-year round and they use it smartly, not only to network and look for jobs, but also to learn directly from companies and experts in the industry.

As a student, there are many reasons why you should have an active Linkedin profile, and one of them is to help you understand what’s going on in the automotive industry. By following automotive companies and joining car discussion groups, you’ll be at the forefront of knowledge when it comes to cars and other automobiles. Additionally, these discussion groups will also include people who are in the industry and have many years worth of experience that you can learn from through discussions.

Imagine being able to discuss new concept cars, or new automotive technologies that are being discussed in the industry but has not yet reached the mainstream. Being conscious of these things won’t just help your education, it will also help your future career in the industry.


Believe it or not, Instagram is great for learning more than just what your friends are having for brunch!

By following car and automotive accounts, you’ll be filling up your feed with small portions of information that will help you learn things about cars in small portions. Small portions of information, especially in visual form like the pictures and video clips on Instagram, are great for learning because they’re easily digestible for your mind to absorb.

Find some accounts you like and start following them. While you’re scrolling through selfies of your friends, you’ll also be exposed to new information about cars from time to time, which means that you’ll continuously be learning even when you think you’re just ‘wasting time’ on social media!

Hands-On Short Courses

As useful as social media may be in helping you on your journey towards becoming a car expert, none of it will be useful without any hands-on learning experience.

The most effective form of learning is always done with people who have the knowledge and experience to teach you, which is why taking short courses or investing in full courses like the ones offered by TOC Automotive College are still the best options if you’d like to become knowledgeable when it comes to cars and other automobiles. TOC Automotive college offers short courses on car maintenance and the basics of all sorts of automotive systems. If you’re serious about taking your passion to the next level, be sure to also check out the many automotive, automotive customer service, and motorsport technology diplomas on offer!

Learning is challenging and fun, but it can also be done in many different ways. Effectively combine hands on learning with the social media learning tips shared above, and you’ll be learning using multiple methods, making you a car expert in no time!