How To Appreciate Long-Term Customers

Picture: Gerd Altmann via

Picture: Gerd Altmann via

There’s a common saying in business: it is much cheaper to retain customers than it is to get new ones.

With this in mind, it would be wise for any automotive business to pay attention to those who keep coming back again and again not only for major repairs, but also for periodic servicing or even to purchase accessories for their beloved vehicles.

Remember: your happy customer may not only be responsible for bringing in only one vehicle to your business. Sometimes, one individual could be responsible for multiple vehicles; like a father who has to maintain all the cars in his household. Sometimes, this person also helps your business through word-of-mouth, telling them that your automotive business is their trusted and preferred place to go.

When it comes to automotive customer service, your responsibility isn’t just to provide customers with top-notch customer service, but it is also to ensure that your customer is happy enough to keep coming back and to tell their peers to do the same.

What are some ways to show appreciation, specifically to long-time, repeat customers who have spent many of their hard-earned Malaysian Ringgit supporting your business?

Let’s take a look at a few ideas.


1. Contact Them Regularly

Have you ever noticed that once a year or once every six months, your dentist will send you a postcard or even a text message to remind you it’s time to come in for a checkup? This is because such businesses have some form of a schedule to remind you to do a regular checkup and cleaning, and they’re being proactive in reminding you that they’re thinking about you. This is done in the hopes of luring you back to your trusted dentist to get the job done.


Automobiles are the same, in a way. They require regularly scheduled maintenance, and quite often owners forget to get this done. You could step in and send them a simple text message a few months after their last servicing to remind them to come in, and while you’re at it, share any current promotions you may have!

This is a great way to show them that you care, and that you have not forgotten them!


 2. Promote Customers Themselves

Ever notice how some automotive businesses show posters that don’t use models or stock photos, but instead show their own employees? This is great, but take it to the next level! After asking for permission, promote the customers that have supported your business for such a long time. Include them as part of your marketing or promotional materials, and let them have their say about why they like your business and why they keep coming back to you.

This works on two levels. Firstly, it gives your long-term customers a chance to be heard, which will help them develop a deeper sense of loyalty towards your business. Additionally, customers like hearing feedback from other customers, because it seems more authentic and trustworthy.

Don’t tell your customers and potential customers how good you are. Get your customers to tell it to each other!


 3. Give Them ‘Priority Access’ or Sneak Peeks

Whenever your automotive business is having any sort of promotion or event, make your long-term customers feel special by letting them be the first to know!

A new launching, a new promotion, specialized spare parts, or even just organizing special customer appreciation events; any occasion is a chance to show appreciation to your loyal customers.

Give them a head-start by informing them a certain amount of time in advance before you spread the word elsewhere. This could be done in the form of a personal phone call, a text message, or even an email with details of the exclusive offer.



As an automotive business, regardless of if you’re specializing in servicing cars, trucks, motorcycles, or even lorries, it’s important to give all of your customers the best service possible. Having said that, it is also worthwhile to go the extra mile for the customers who keep coming back, who have placed a large degree of trust and believe in you, and who will ultimately spread news about your business through word-of-mouth. These loyal customers are your advocates, and they can be more valuable than any amount of money spent on marketing and promotions.