Here’s why you should get both a driving license and a motorbike license!


About to get your driving license? STOP! And think about getting a motorcycle license TOO. Why? Here’s a couple of reasons.

Save money

This one’s pretty obvious. You’d be spending a lot less on petrol and basic maintenance because well, it’s cheaper for bikes! You’d also be keeping your car in better condition, using it only for special events or longer journeys.

And don’t even get me started on parking charges, especially since not all companies provide free parking! Now, close your eyes and imagine all those extra monies…

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Save the girl

You’re in a foreign land (Bali, Rome, California…), you’re backpacking – you’ve got all the cool gear plus your shades. What’s gonna complete the look and feel without burning a hole in your wallet while adding a sense of danger and excitement to your overall vibe? Renting a bike!

And now imagine the local senorita, unable to catch a cab and oh no, she’s late for something or something! No problemo cause you’re there to save the day in proper sexy fashion!

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And hey, this works for the ladies too, just channel your inner biker chick (or your inner catwoman? You know the scene…)!


Besides being a great way to meet your future bf/gf, this is a great skill to have when travelling abroad since it opens up a whole new range of adventures and experiences.

Save the world

Ah, the greener way to travel, for sure! Most newer bikes have to adhere to strict environmental standards. And if you’re whoosing your way somewhere on a bike, this means no idle time on the road (which happens with cars) and this in turn, means less toxic stuff released into the air. Lookatchu’ saving the world by choosing to sometimes ride a motorbike instead of your car!

Image from:  Nissan News

Image from: Nissan News

Save time/your sanity

Come on guys, I can go on and on, I could list a million reasons but let’s get to the main point here; if there’s one thing Malaysians hate, it’s traffic jams!


So the number one reason to get a bike on the side? To zoom through jams and fly like a G6, beb. Just imagine that long, tiring, stressful day at work – just hours of it and finally it’s time to go home! But… You live in Cheras. And you work in PJ – this 15KM, max 25 minutes route turns into a hellish @$#%@$* 3-hour journey testing every cell in your body.

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So save the car for your dates with bae and your food road trips to Melaka and Penang. Bring out the bike from Mon-Fri and get home with enough time to chill with the fam/friends (or just have some nice, alone time). No jam, no frus, no argument – it’s an easy choice!

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