Here’s A Self-Driving Car That May Also Function As...A Hotel Room?


Self driving cars are the future of travel, or so companies like Google, Uber and Tesla would like you to believe. But believe it or not, the autonomous car has now evolved even further, thanks to a certain Steve Lee from Aprilli Design Studio based in Los Angeles. You see, Mr Lee has developed an idea for an autonomous car that is not only a car, but can also function as a hotel…?

Yes, that’s what the Autonomous Travel Suite, unveiled as one of the three finalists of this year’s Radical Innovation Awards, plans to do. Steve Lee has envisioned that autonomous cars can also function as micro hotel rooms to ferry passengers from one place to another.

How it works is that each travel suite will feature a memory foam mattress for sleeping, a kitchen and mini bar, storage for luggage, a washroom, a toilet, and a seating area for working or entertainment. The car’s windows use smart glass that can dim for privacy. Mr Lee also planned for these travel suites to have different room types, from single rooms to family rooms etc, which is kind of like a hotel. There could be further modifications as well, like putting in an entertainment system, so that people won’t even have to stop for any breaks in between.

The individual travel suites will then arrive at the Autonomous Hotel, a facility for the vehicles to park and turn the hybrid car/hotel into an actual hotel room. The hotel will have the expected amenities like gyms, spas, meeting rooms and dining facilities, just like a normal hotel would have.

Image from:  Radical Innovation Award   

The reason Mr Lee came up with the idea is because he feels that the Autonomous Travel Suites will be cheaper than conventional hotel rooms due to the fact that it combines the price for transportation and accomodation into one. It will also eliminate the need for limited luggage space, and provide privacy and flexibility that can help families or large travelling groups travel.

While the idea of the Autonomous Travel Suite is good, it does have a ways off before it hits the road. Carmakers are still trying to perfect the formula for a fully autonomous car, and once that happens, there will be plenty of stride made in the progress of ideas like the Autonomous Travel Suite. The Autonomous Travel Suite would likely be most successful once more self-driving cars and electric cars are on the road.

The idea is interesting, because it rethinks what the future of travel and holidays might look like. What do you think? Leave a comment below!