Guardians of the TOC Automotive Industry: Series 4

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Motorsports and Administration

Who says you can’t be in the motorsports industry without working on the technical side of cars? Once you grasp the knowledge of motorsports technology, you can always opt to be at the administrative side of things.

·        Race steward

A racetrack steward mainly coordinates and directs racing activities at the racetrack. They are also responsible for the planning, attendance and scheduling of races. You will also touch a little on the administration side as you need to plan on racing dates, racing regulations, and writes reports when necessary.

·        Marshall, time keeper

A Marshall contributes towards the safety of motor racing. They are stationed at various points of danger in order to assist shall there be any case of accidents, collision or track problems. As for the time keeper, the title says it all! You are in charge of measuring the elapsed time between the start and finish of an event.

·        Clerks of course

The clerk maintains the track time schedule and gives necessary instruction of procedures when needed. The clerk is also responsible for control and supervision of the track area and the race officials.

·        Scrutiner, track operator

The main job function for a scrutiner is to carry out checks of compliance with the regulations applicable to the vehicle. The scrutiner usually have the rights to reject any vehicle that doesn’t meet the requirements. They are often the first to arrive and the last to leave at an event.