Guardians of the TOC Automotive Industry: Series 2

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Getting a good knowledge on the technical side may not be the only thing you are looking for. If you already have a set of technical skills, you can always learn the administrative side of things. How so? You can opt to take up the Automotive Customer Service course and get the best of both worlds!

  •     Training manager

Being a training manager also means being a leader in the training division. You will be the one leading all technical/administration training programmes for staff and sometimes, customers. A training manager ensures all training needed will be done to achieve effective results. Moreover, a training manager will also need to develop testing strategies from time to time in order to meet a goal or objectives.

  •   Technical trainer

A technical trainer is similar to a training manager but it is more focused on the technical side. A technical trainer plans and organize technical trainings to new and current staff. That being said, a technical trainer can also train students and corporate personnel’s. This also includes diagnostics and new product training.

  •     Parts personnel, service advisor, insurance adjustor, sales advisor

All these comes together to get a job done! Most of the time, you can do it all. You will be responsible to liaise with manufacturers for the ordering of parts, explaining to customers on a problem and advise accordingly, and handles the overall customer service experience.