Guardians of the TOC Automotive Industry: Series 1

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Ever thought of pursuing your education in the automotive industry but unsure on its career opportunities? Fret not! We’re here to break it down for you.

Superbike and Automotive

Both the Superbike and Automotive industry entails the same line of work. You will grasp a strong knowledge in the technical side of things and that, will give you the key to expanding your knowledge into different sectors.

·        Workshop manager

Are you fond of managing people especially when it comes to teams? Being a workshop Manager entitles you to assist, motivate, and manage staff under your supervision. That being said, being a workshop manager also means you will need to understand each department’s job description and the need to be well versed in all procedures including new products, equipment’s, and technology.

·        After sales manager

Your title says it all! You will be the main person to maximise sale profits while maintaining the company’s KPI (Key Performance Indicator). You will also be involved in training your team to ensure success of sales target. Once that is done and dusted, go have a celebration!

·        Quick service technician

You might be wondering, why quick? Being a quick service technician also means you are able to perform quick car services such as; oil changes, exhaust works, tire services and other basic technical jobs with minimum supervision. If you love working on different cars daily, you might get the hook of it!

·        Maintenance technician

Being a maintenance technician is similar to being a diagnostic technician. A maintenance technician looks into customers’ complaint and carry out a scheduled servicing. One must be familiar with all aspects of vehicle operation and understanding of major components and systems.

·        Diagnostic technician

A diagnostic technician is a specialist in identifying mechanical problems in vehicles and is in-charged of carrying out necessary adjustments and repairs according to specific standards.

·        Job controller

Like to control and oversee? We don’t mean people. We mean assets, policies and procedures. Your job covers a wide range of internal matters as you will be the main person overseeing the company’s activities. For example; accounting policies and procedures, automotive plant assets, financial analysis and the list goes on.

·        Foreman

A foreman supervises daily activities of vehicle repair and maintenance operation to ensure all vehicles are safe and ready. Sometimes, a foreman also manages staff in nearby areas, attached to the same company in order to get a job done.

·        Workshop supervisor

Being a workshop supervisor also entitles you to oversee all aspects of the workshop. A workshop supervisor is responsible for the day-to-day running of a workshop. Apart from that, you will also handle budgets for purchases of materials and products. 

·        Quality controller

Your main job is to basically control quality! You will be the person who maintains a standard of quality when it comes to materials, production and finished products. That being said, a report will also need to be made after your evaluation. Sometimes, you will need to carry out quality testing on vehicles to ensure all guidelines are met.

·        Leadman

A lead-man oversees all automotive technicians and repair of vehicles. A leadman follows the instruction of a supervisor to assign work to automotive technicians and all other specialist technicians under the roof.

·        Chassis specialist, engine specialist, transmission specialist

Be a specialist of a certain part! Be it chassis, engine or transmission.