Ever Wanted To Make Pizza In Your Car? Well, Someone Did It!


Ever looked at your old beat up car and thought, “hey, maybe there’s some use for this old thing.”. Well if you did, you’re probably thinking like Benedetto Bufalino. Benedetto is a French artist who plays with the perception of everyday objects by altering their original function.

In one of his most epic creations yet, made as part of the French Cultural Art Association's 2Angles, he hollowed out the interior of the car; a modded Ford Mondeo, to create the oven. The oven is so realistic, it comes complete with a brick shelf so it could genuinely be used as a woodfire oven. Y’know, the kind where you can use to bake pizzas.

Image from:  Designboom

Image from: Designboom

But this pizza oven car is not his first automotive-inspired creation.

In fact, he has quite the skill for turning cars into things that are not cars. For example, he once transformed various cars into lamp posts, public seating areas and even a tennis court! He also once turned a police car into a chicken coop. Plus, he transformed a mini camp van into a portable mobile swimming pool.

Image from:  Benedetto Bufalino   

Image from: Benedetto Bufalino

You can check out more of his amazing work over at his website.

But if you think that Benedetto Bufalino is the only one who thought up of having a built in pizza oven in their car, you’ll be sorely mistaken. Domino’s Pizza, the pizza delivery experts have also unveiled their own version of this car, in order to help them be more efficient in their pizza delivery services.

Image from:  Trapo Asia

Image from: Trapo Asia

Domino’s pizza has unveiled the DXP (Delivery ExPert), a modified Chevy Spark that's focused on pizza transportation. But the most amazing thing about this delivery car is the outward-facing oven in the back, where drivers can grab and deliver your piping-hot pizza on the spot. There's also storage space for a whopping 80 pizzas! The oven and storage should help drivers deliver more pizzas per trip, and make sure that you're happy when your food arrives.

Now, this car sounds like a concept car that will not see the light of day, but Domino’s insists that it's very much intended for the real world. Roush Performance, an American automotive company, is helping Domino's build 100 DXPs that will reach 25 US cities, including Boston, Dallas, New Orleans, San Diego and Seattle within the next few years.


Image from:  Youtube

Image from: Youtube

While we may have to wait a few more years before we see technology like this in Malaysia, the idea is amazing, so it won’t be surprising to see more big pizza delivery chains jump on this idea.

What do you think about your pizza made inside a car? We know we’re down with the whole idea. Leave a comment below!