Dare to Dream, Dare to Pursue

Image source: www.capgemini.com

Image source: www.capgemini.com

When it comes to education and dreams, you may think it is a risk to dive into what you are passionate about. However, if you have the confident to pursue your dreams, go for it! In every industry, there is definitely pros and cons. This also depends on how you weight them out.

Let’s talk about the automotive industry and why it is the next big thing. Technology in the automotive sector is fast-paced and constantly moving. Cars and bikes are still very much relevant in today’s world because people want to travel from point A to point B independently without any hassle and within their own convenience.

If you love the automotive industry, do not be afraid to explore it. We understand that education is vital and the choices you make can either bring you up or pull you down. However, the key word here is “Dare”. Nothing succeeds without failure. With failure, comes success.

The automotive service and repair industry has changed dramatically over the years. Automotive technicians are highly sought after globally and we are not even talking about the other lines yet (Retailers/Engineers/Sales & Service/Marketing etc). The career lines in the automotive industry is vast, but by getting a head-start on an automotive education will definitely give you a boost.

According to the site www.supplychaindive.com , “Add technology into the mix, and you get an industry undergoing significant transformation in a variety of ways”. That being said, this shows how versatile the industry can be.

The automotive industry also benefits the supplying industry. How so? The production of electric and autonomous vehicles are pushing both parties to stay ahead of the curve. This also means both parties will need to keep up with new manufacturing processes and innovative designs. Being a part of the automotive industry also means you are updated and constantly looking for new challenges.

The automotive education will benefit students who are keen to pursue their dreams in the automotive industry and employers alike by providing a steady group of job-ready young technicians. Not sure where to start? Visit: https://www.toc.edu.my/