Customer Service and a Diagnosis Expert? Be Both!


Are you a people person? Do you love communicating as much as you love the automotive industry? If yes, you can strive in the service industry. Customer service is the core of every company’s front line. You will be the main player for customer satisfaction and loyalty. Up your game by taking the Automotive Customer Service course by TOC Automotive College.

It is the shortest 3 level programme yet and it is recognized by the Ministry of Education (MoE). Not only will you get to learn and master the art of customer service, but also to understand the overall technical side which includes; car maintenance, car repair, and car diagnosis.

Customer is priority in every industry, but that being said, customer is not always right. However, a professional is always needed in this situation; YOU! With the skills and techniques acquired by this course, you will be able to handle customers complaint and think of a solution for every matter. By doing so, you will put customers’ mind at ease and that, gives you great work satisfaction. Who knows? You may even climb the corporate ladder if your superior hear many great comments about you!

Customer Service and technical skills are both a blessing in disguise. You have both! So when it comes to career opportunities, you can even choose to do both or one.

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