Colour-Changing Technology for Cars?


Video source: You Tube

Have you seen the video above? The video has made its rounds in the automotive community. The car automatically changes its body colour by the voice command of Amazon’s Alexa. If you are unfamiliar with Alexa, it is similar to “Siri”; an intelligent personal assistant. It is unsure if this is achievable or the car is simply coated with a reflective wrap and projectors are being used to display the colours. However, this is pretty cool and it will definitely be something achievable in the near future!

While we’re on the colour-changing topic, the Audi A9 concept car is looking forward to make this happen. Spanish designer, Daniel Garcia has a vision whereas the car would be able to repair itself and changes colour by the press of a button. Bugatti on the other hand, displayed its prototype “Chameleon “car which is envisioned to replace the “Veyron”. However, it is just a white-coloured car and the colour shown is dependent on how the light shines on it.

“The Hulk” appears when hot water is being poured onto the car.   Image source:

“The Hulk” appears when hot water is being poured onto the car.

Image source:

“Therochromatic” paint technology is another eye-opener. Although the technology alone has been around for decades, it is not fully utilized and developed. This heat sensitive coating measures the heat and environment to formulate the change. Today, colour changing technology allows adjustments with just a push of a button; which is called Chromism. This technology works by manipulating the electrons within the chemical structure of the paint, causing immediate visual changes.

Technology is amazing in many ways and it is definitely a main topic in the automotive industry. As we are looking forward to more innovation break-through, let’s appreciate the effort that researchers are putting to help the industry grow!