Chong Chee Sian

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Can tell us about your background, where do you come from and why did you chose to study at TOC?

My name is Chong Chee Sian, I am 20 years old and I come from Seri Gombak, Batu Caves. I chose TOC because the technology and the machines they have are more modern than some of the other schools, such as Despark and Tan Chong. Also the education certificate can be used overseas and in Malaysia.  So that’s why I chose TOC to study Automotive Technology.

When did you do the motorsport experience with Caterham at Sepang and how did you find the experience?

I did the motorsport experience with Caterham for the first time in 2015, when I joined TOC.  I volunteered so that I could work at Sepang and gain more experience.  I was able to learn about the car, how to do the set-up, modifications and understand how aerodynamics work on a racing car. It was a very good way to gain more experience and understanding about race cars.

The teachers told me that at Sepang you could learn many other things that other workshops   could not provide to you, and through TOC with Caterham I had the opportunity to see how they work in racing conditions at Sepang.

When did you first become interested in cars?

Since I was 14 years old I worked at workshops. At primary school I used to have a friend who watched events with cars, so if Sepang had an an event and they had a spare pass, I would join them.

When you worked at the circuit, what important lessons did you learn?

Teamwork and working within a team, plus timing where everything has to be done within a certain time frame. At the race weekend at Sepang everything moves very fast and you have to get things done on time for every task you are doing.

What did you particularly enjoy?

Being driven around the race track. I had never been on the track before. Mr Campbell took some of us for a ride around the track to give us an insight into what the driver experiences.  If you have a track car and you go on your own you must pay a lot. This was very special as not many people get the chance. This was my first time out onto the track and I really enjoyed the moment.

From the education you have received at TOC, how do you think that knowledge may have benefitted you at the track?

Every time we finish the race we need to look after the tools and return them to their rightful place.  Also to be clean and tidy up the working area after we have done the tasks.

What are your career aspirations? If you could look into the future what would you like to be doing in 10 to 20 years time?

In the future I would like to have my own workshop. My last workshop experience was training at the Kia service centre. However, I have now applied to change the training menu to European brands because I am more interested in European cars. So for my second year intern I would like to choose European cars, such as a workshop for Mercedes, BMW, or Audi.

You are in your second year and you are coming to the end of your education with TOC, what is now your next step?

I will finish my intern. I am not looking for overseas study, I may go on to study engineering

Thank you Chong, good luck with your future.