Balik Kampung - Rent or Drive Your Own?

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The festive season is just around the corner. For many of us, that means long drives back to our hometowns in our cars, packed with family members and relatives, sitting in terrible jams in every direction on the nation's main highways.

What if, instead of driving your own car, you used someone else’s vehicle instead? Sure, you could try and borrow a car from a close friend or relative, but that could be an awkward conversation trying to convince someone to lend you their car for a long road trip.

So why not rent? Let's take a look at five reasons why renting a car for your next balik kampung road trip might actually be a great idea.

1. Extra comfort

Think of all the things you considered when buying the car that you currently own. Chances are that most of those decisions were based on your day-to-day life; your drive to college, your drive to work, perhaps the driving to your weekend hangout spots with your friends. How often is your decision based on long road trips, especially since they only happen once or twice a year?

The car you chose wasn't meant for long road trips, so having it full of family members and their baggage would probably reduce its comfort by a great amount.

Why not rent a larger, more spacious vehicle just for the holiday season? Your passengers will feel more comfortable, their luggage won't get in the way, and you as the driver will have fewer headaches to deal with!

2. Rental car fleets are better maintained

If your car is as old as mine, you probably feel a bit nervous about taking it on long-distance drives. You trust your car in your current area, sure, but one thing you don't want to happen is to have that car breakdown on the side of a hot highway. In this country, even stopping on the emergency lane could be extremely dangerous!

Rental cars tend to be better-maintained since they are being used for commercial use. When you choose from a fleet of cars owned by a reputable rental agency, you can have peace of mind that the vehicle they give you is constantly being checked for issues and should be in good shape for long-distance trips.

3. Nationwide support, with offices across the country

On top of that, if you DO happen to run into issues, large rental agencies tend to have offices in many states across the country. If something is wrong with your vehicle, you can call their specialised breakdown service or even get another car in exchange from their local office.

The overall disruption to your trip would be kept to a minimum!

4. Reduce wear and tear on your personal vehicle

Think about it: long-distance drives increase the mileage and the general wear & tear of your car and its tires. Instead of subjecting your beloved personal vehicle to all of that, why not let the rental car take on that burden.

Leave your personal vehicle at home and let it have a rest!

5. You deserve it.

At the end of it all, one good reason to rent a nicer and newer car than what you usually drive is simply because you deserve it.

You're the driver on this long trip back to your hometown, responsible for transporting your family, friends, and yourself. If there is any way to make that role easier and more comfortable for yourself, you should do it!