A Voice Activated Spotify Player For Your Car Is Coming Soon!


Spotify, everyone’s favorite music streaming app, is launching its first ever hardware device, insiders have leaked. The announcement is planned for a April 24th 2018 event, but we’re already excited for the prospect of this amazing device.

Image from:  engadget

Image from: engadget

Evidence suggests that Spotify has been working on an in-car controller, or even a standalone player, for the streaming service that would allow drivers to control music playback with their voice. The device is rumoured to have a circular design with physical buttons for track controls and shuffle, plus an LED running around the outside in Spotify’s signature green. The detailing also included a built-in 4G mobile data so that the device could function independently of a smartphone.

But Spotify’s focus on the car is a brilliant move, as the way in which we listen to music has changed significantly over the years, as technology has developed to allow greater choice in what we choose to play. In the past the only way to hear music while driving was through the radio. But with the evolution of the cassette tape, the CD player and subsequently USB ports and finally streaming services, people have a wider array of choices in which they can consume their favorite tunes on the go.

Image from:  cbs.com

Image from: cbs.com

In a study by Music Biz Consumer Insights and LOOP, it was interesting to note that 75% of respondents said they still listen to AM/FM radio, while CD listening came in second at 38%. Digital music files had 18% and streaming Internet radio had 15%, while podcasts were at just 6%. But with Spotify’s new device on the horizon, we can expect the number of people streaming music in their cars to increase by leaps and bounds.

Just another reason for us to look forward to this amazing device. Who else can’t wait to jam out in their cars to their favorite tunes? Leave a comment below!