8 Feng Shui Tips For Your Car This Chinese New Year


Many of us will be making the Chinese New Year journey back home in our cars. With the number of hours we will be spending in our cars, travelling from house to house, there are a few Feng Shui changes can make your time in the car more enjoyable, safe, and healthy. A car that's out of balance can make the driver and passengers feel out of balance, too. But, if you keep your car as clean, organized, and clutter free as you keep your home, you can make your journey feel balanced.

Here are some feng shui tips for your car this Chinese New Year.

1. Keep your car windows clean

Image from:  Huileries

Image from: Huileries

Car windows are the eyes of your car, which will give you a clear view of your patch through your year. Clean windows allow for positive energy to enter into your car from the outside, so make sure your windows are squeaky clean!

2. Play calming music

Choose the music for your car that fits the mood of your trip. For example, when you need to relax, select a classical music CD or radio station, but when you want to stay alert, pick music with energizing sounds. Decide what mood and emotions you need to achieve on the trip, then play music that matches those feelings.

3. Drink more water

Be sure to keep drinking water in your car because the Water Element represents a smooth and flowing experience while you drive. Drinking water may even help you smoothly cope with traffic and avoid road rage. Always carry a bottle of water in your car and don’t hesitate to drink it if you’re feeling thirsty.

4. Wash your car

Image from:  Oneshift

Image from: Oneshift

Remember to keep your car clean and wash it on a regular basis, either by hand or at the car wash. A dirty car rejects the positive flow of chi which could affect your driving skills on the road. And, be sure to repair those little things that need attention, like that squeaky windshield wiper.

5. Stoned

Keep a stone in your car’s glove compartment to keep your car grounded on the road.

6. Rise of the dragon

Image from:  House of Grafx

Image from: House of Grafx

Don’t hang crystals on the rear view mirror. It draws attention away from the dragon protecting you. A dragon decal sticker would be able to bring you extra luck as well.

7. Stuffed animals

Putting a stuffed animal (like a teddy bear or Angry Birds) on your dashboard can also increase your luck while on the road.

8. Clear the clutter

Image from:  One Good Thing

Image from: One Good Thing

The most important Feng Shui first step on the road to a harmonious environment in your car is to clear the clutter. Remove the clutter from your car and you will move forward in your life and career. Be sure to check the glove box, trunk, and all those drink holders and areas where stuff tends to accumulate. Make it a practice to treat your vehicle like a room, rather than a moving trash can.

In Feng Shui, each color has certain attributes and energy, so when it’s time to get a new car, choose the color that balances the Feng Shui Element that matches your personality.

Fire Element -- Red, Orange
Wealth and Power

Earth Element -- Brown, Yellow, Beige
Grounding and Balance

Metal Element -- White, Silver, Gold, Bronze, Copper
Strength and Focus

Water Element -- Blue, Black
Relaxation and Comfort

Wood Element -- Green, Teal
Growth and Expansion

What do you think about these tips? Leave a comment below! For all of you celebrating the Chinese New Year, Gong Xi Fatt Cai from all of us at TOC Automotive College!

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