7 Fantastic Cars for New Graduates In The Workforce


So you’ve just graduated from college and will soon start your journey into the working world. But what is a journey without your trusty steed to bring you around from A to B? Enter your first car. It’s a big decision to make, but don’t worry, that’s why we’re here to help.

A small reminder though. The best car for you now is the one you can afford, not the coolest one you’ll go into debt financing. You just graduated. You're in debt. You don't need much. It needs to go from A to B. Find a car that you can pay off as soon as possible.

Without further ado, here are our picks.

1. Perodua Myvi

Image from:  Perodua

Image from: Perodua

The car that almost all young professionals and graduates get when they get a licence. Practical, stylish and versatile, the Myvi is a Malaysian icon that doesn’t destroy your wallet.  It has its own set of charms, and honestly speaking, it is perfect at what it does.

2. Proton Saga

Image from:  CarSifu

Image from: CarSifu

The “granddaddy” of all local cars, the Proton Saga is, for the lack of a better term, THE ‘Kereta Rakyat’. It’s probably the most economical sedan of all the choices that you have on the market, and will (sometimes) get you to your destination reliably. The Saga is quite a capable car on the road, whether it is traveling long distances or within the city.

3. Perodua Bezza

Image from:  Trapo Asia

Image from: Trapo Asia

If you’re looking for a sedan, the economical Perodua Bezza is something you can consider. Boasting of great fuel consumption, a fairly good output even on its 1.3 engine and spacious enough for your family + your dog, the Bezza is another great choice for young professionals who want to look stylish on a budget.

4. Honda City

Image from:  Trapo Asia

Image from: Trapo Asia

The Honda City is, like its name, great for city driving. It’s stylish enough to be presentable, and is a perfect size for a sedan when maneuvering around the city. Plus, it gets a very good fuel mileage, ample room in the interior and is a relatively affordable car for someone who has just started working.

5. Proton Iriz

Image from:  CarSifu

Image from: CarSifu

If you’re looking for an affordable hatchback as a first car but don’t want a Myvi because you’re not so mainstream, this may be the car for you. The Iriz is a solid, very well equipped entry level car that is priced just affordably enough for most fresh grads. It shines especially in the safety department, where it has earned a 5 star ASEAN NCAP rating.

6. Nissan Almera

Image from:  Nissan Malaysia

Image from: Nissan Malaysia

If you have the budget, or if you have the support of warm, loving parents, the Nissan Almera could be a comfortable car for you. And by comfortable, we mean really comfortable, with its huge interior space, one of the largest in its class. The price tag is also slightly cheaper than other close competitors; something most would consider for a first car.

7. Honda HR-V

Image from:  Motor Trend

Image from: Motor Trend

With its new, extraordinary advanced features, the Honda HR-V is a compact SUV that boasts of sublime driving comfort for all the time you’ll be stuck in a jam. Safety and space are also prioritized, with plenty of room in the interior while remaining economically sized for city driving. Sure it can be a bit on the higher priced side, but imagine all the jealous looks your colleagues will be giving you.

What do you think? Do you agree with these choices? Leave a comment below!