6 Things to Know As A New Motorcycle Rider

So you’ve finally gotten that Class B2 license and can’t wait to hop on and ride like the wind. But the truth is, your adventure in riding is only beginning. Here are 6 things you need to know as a new motorcycle rider.

1. Make full use of your license

A lot of people who get a motorcycle license tend not to ride, which is something not really recommended. Riding a bike is the only way you’ll get experience. So, you’ll have to start off by getting a motorcycle first.

2. Don’t go for the sexy bikes first

Image from:  Motorcycle Central

Image from: Motorcycle Central

It’s always recommended that you should get something that you can afford, not pay through your nose to get. The fact is that in the first few months, you’re going to drop your motorbike more than a few times, and it would really hurt your heart less if you got a motorbike that is within the affordable range.

3. Get into a habit of maintenance

Maintaining your motorcycle is a MUST. It differs from the normal routine of maintaining your car, but it’s something that you’ll have to develop if you’re planning on riding a lot, or plan not to get into a sticky situation. Imagine this: your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere during a thunderstorm. All you have to do is call your towtruck and wait in the nice and dry comfort of your car. Replace the scenario with a motorcycle and you’ll understand why you need to maintain your motorcycle whenever you can. The most basic and easiest  maintenance routine can be remembered with the word “BOLT”; Brakes, Oil, Lights, Tires.

4. Work on your bike yourself

Many people may not have the space, time, patience, and confidence to work on their bikes, but it’s worth it to do as much as you can. Part and parcel with checking to make sure stuff is working properly is maintaining it. There are certain things that you’ll have to do yourself, namely oil changes, chain cleaning, and chain adjustment. If you don’t know how to do these things a quick search on You tube will yield hundreds and hundreds of videos on the topic you want to find out more on.

5. Make sure your motorbike is right for you

Image from:  MCN

Image from: MCN

Getting the right motorbike is different for people. Ultimately, it’s down to what sort of bike you want to be riding, not the bike that your friends find “cool”. Your friend may rave about how well a Harley feels on the road, but he’s not you. It’s also good to take the time to make sure the bike is set up for a comfortable ride.

6. Take responsibility of your riding

Image from:  The Drive

Image from: The Drive

Actually being on the road is a huge responsibility, to yourself and to the other drivers around you. You will be the one most affected by whatever happens. Yes, there will be other drivers or fellow riders on the road that do stupid things that will make you angry, and at some point along the way you’ll want to respond. Instead, do your best to anticipate and avoid hazards and dangerous situations and keep safe at all times.

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