5 Weird, Wacky, and Wonderful Vehicles


Made as a promotional tool for a shoe company in China, this shoe-shaped electric car seats two and gets them up to about 400km at the lovely speed of 50km/h. The body of the car itself is made like a normal shoe and needed 5 bulls for the leather to cover it.

For the metal fans out there, here’s a customization option that you can consider. Now, just think of the shock of the poor driver in front of you when they look in their rearview mirror.

A design by an Iranian artist, Mohammad Ghezel, the eRinGo has a passenger compartment that sits squarely in the centre of a giant hub. The rings are driven by an electric motor and uses a gyroscope and wheels to keep it upright when cornering. The best part of the eRinGo? It has two steering wheels, one of which locks when not in use; this allows for drivers to take over without having to stop. It’s not out but wouldn’t you love to see this on the road?

Ever seen the Smart Fortwo or Forfour cars around? Perhaps you’ve seen others laughing at them for being so small and cute. Here, we see what happens when a car gets tired of being made fun off and decides to bulk up a bit. First appearing at the Athens Motor Show in 2005, this is car for anyone who wants some inspiration to bulk up.

For those moments when you really need to call someone, this phone-car is the brainchild of Howard Davis. It’s a modified 1975 Volkswagen Beetle and it’s fully functional, originally created for his telephone business.

Seen some other weird, wacky, and wonderful cars? Take a pic, share the joy!

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