5 Things To Know Before You Date A Car Lover


If you’re reading this article, you’re probably thinking of dating someone who loves cars. We don’t mean love cars, like a normal person loves cars. We mean, LOVES cars like it’s a part of his life. Your potential significant other is probably someone who lives and breathes all things cars.

Well, we’re going to break down some of the things you should know about your car lover before you get in any further with them. If you’re already dating a car lover, maybe you can smile at your other half while relating SO HARD at this list.


1. They will love their car more than you (probably)

Image from:  motoreasy

Image from: motoreasy

This isn’t hyperbole. If they had to choose between you and the car, you’re probably going to be in for 2nd place. They love their cars so much that sometimes, it’s as though they’re dating their cars. Example, if you’re the type expecting mushy mushy nicknames for each other, you’ll probably have to fight the car for it. You’ll probably also have to contend with them whispering sweet nothings to a car. It’s totally not crazy at all!


2. Don’t do anything to hurt the car...or else

Image from:  Wired

Image from: Wired

Do you ever think that you’re always the priority in the relationship? Well think again! You shouldn’t do anything to hurt the poor car, and this includes slamming the door, putting your feet up on the dashboard, spilling drinks on the car seat etc. We could go on, but you get the idea. You should also prepare for a lot of outbursts (not at you!), whenever your significant other spots a dent or a scratch on their car.


3. No more romantic meals in the car

Image from:  telegraph UK

Image from: telegraph UK

Have you ever watched an old movie and thought, wow, our parents really loved spending time inside their cars, for example at the drive thru cinemas, drive thru diners etc...But a car lover ain’t gonna have ANYTHING remotely related to food inside the car. To a car lover, there is NOTHING worse than having the greasy trails of French fries or the crumbs from a biscuit littering the seat.


4. They will spend more on their car than on you

Image from:  Pinterest

Image from: Pinterest

You have to get ready to see lavish spending...on the car. Yes, every car lover will be looking out to put in the best of the best into his car, and you’ll probably have to be content with getting second best. You’ll be seeing them feed their cars the best petrol and buy the best parts. In other words, the only Michelin-starred item you’re getting is the wheels on your baby’s baby.


5. Be prepared for a lot of driving

Image from:  AYB Law

Image from: AYB Law

Car lovers love driving, that’s a must. However, if you’re not the kind of person who loves sitting in hours as your significant other zooms across highways and byways, this may not exactly be your favourite hobby. Sure, it’s romantic when you drive cross country, but when you’re doing it every weekend, it starts to get a bit boring. There’s a reason we avoid traffic jams like the plague after all.

What do you think? Are you one of these car lovers? Leave a comment below!