5 FAQs About Fixing Up Your Car’s Air Cond System


In Malaysia, one of the most important components of our cars is the air conditioning system. With our hot and humid weather, it’s a relief to just pop into your car and turn on the air conditioning to the maximum and enjoy the cool air wash over you. But did you know that over time, a car’s air conditioning system will slowly become less and less effective, until you reach a point where the air cond is just blasting hot air at you.

Image from:  Advanced Auto Care

Image from: Advanced Auto Care

Generally, you can fix this problem with money (nothing a few hundred ringgit can’t solve) by bringing it to a auto repair shop to have your air cond recharged. However, because most Malaysians also love to skimp on certain things, there are some people who also want to try fixing their own air cond unit.


This is where we come into the picture. Here are some FAQs on whether you should fix your own air cond unit, or send it to the shop for a huge bill.


1. My refrigerant is leaking. What should I do?

Image from:  Mike Thomson

Image from: Mike Thomson

The air cond system is not airtight, as refrigerant (the liquid pressurized inside your car’s air cond system) will constantly leak out as colorless gas. The newer systems don’t leak out as much as the older system, so people with older cars should probably take note on this. The average leakage for a 2017 model car is about 12mL per year, so if your car is within this range, fret not!

2. My air cond is blowing warm air. Should I be worried?

Image from:  CAR FROM JAPAN

Image from: CAR FROM JAPAN

The only answer to this is YES and a million times YES. Once you notice that your air cond is blowing hot air, your air cond system would have already lost a LOT of refrigerant. This means that the system is running dry, which will eventually burn out the compressor because of a lack of lubrication. You can check this by yourself by tracing the stain left by the mix of refrigerant and its ultraviolet-sensitive dye with an ultraviolet light to see whether there is a leak.

3. I think my auto shop is using old refrigerant on my car. Will this hurt the air cond system?

Don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with it. Most auto shops will run the old refrigerant through a machine which helps to remove contaminants like dirt. The resulting refrigerant still works well after it’s been cleaned, and can be used without losing its effectiveness, unlike brake fluid or coolant.

4. Will my air cond system get destroyed if I don’t remove the older refrigerant first?

Image from:  YourAutoSpace

Image from: YourAutoSpace

This is a very real possibility. If you mix between the older R12 system and the newer R134a system, both of which run at different pressures, it will probably take a toll on your air cond system. Just remember to get your auto repair shop to vacuum out all the remaining refrigerant and everything should be just fine.

5. Can I use my keyboard cleaner spray to refill my air cond system?

Well, yes you can. But you can probably use it until your entire air cond starts blowing flames and exploding. Because the keyboard duster spray contains R152a, which is extremely flammable. So if you really want to save money on those medical costs, it would be good to avoid using your computer keyboard duster at all costs. After all, having air cond is pointless if it sets you on fire, and makes you hotter than ever.

So take it from us and don’t let your air cond system get ruined by trying to save some money here and there. What do you think? Leave a comment below!