5 Cars That Are Much Bigger On The Inside


We’re pretty sure that everyone has come across a car that looks absolutely tiny, but once you climb in, becomes this roomy, spacious vehicle of comfort. This is especially great for people who want a small car, but all the legspace they can afford to have.

So here are 5 spacious yet compact cars that you can totally buy in Malaysia, that are much bigger on the inside.  

1. Perodua Myvi

Image from:  Perodua

Image from: Perodua

This is the car that tops the list. The Myvi is synonymous with Malaysian roads because it is one of the most affordable compact cars you can get. Plus, it makes a great car for new drivers and students on their daily commute. It may look compact on the outside but you can fit up to 5 people inside with no problems. On the outside, it’s a small car that’s easy to maneuver around with and easy to park but on the inside, you can easily fit a family of 5 and drive around town with it.  

2. Proton Iriz

Image from:  CarSifu

Image from: CarSifu

Following in the local manufactured cars, the Proton Iriz is actually a direct competitor to the Perodua Myvi. As in, it’s  so similar to the Myvi that almost everything about it is the same; from the design of the interior to the spaciously comfortable seatings. Billed as a hatchback, it’s Proton’s 2nd (and less disastrous) attempt that gives the Myvi a run for its money.

3. Nissan Almera

Image from:  Nissan Malaysia

Image from: Nissan Malaysia

The Nissan Almera was touted as the most spacious sedan in the market, and it showed why. As one of the most affordable compact sedans available, especially when compared to the Honda City and Toyota Vios, it’s THE choice for a family car, with extra room to give your family’s legs a stretch.

4. Honda Jazz

Image from:  Honda Malaysia

Image from: Honda Malaysia

Versatility is one of the Honda Jazz’s selling points. This compact hatchback can be used as a family car, used to carry large objects with no problems and carry more than a few passengers around. Long distances won’t be a problem anymore with the Honda Jazz, especially with its comfortably large interior.
5. Peugeot 308

Image from:  Lowyat Forum

Image from: Lowyat Forum

You may have seen more than your fair share of this beauty running through the streets of KL. The Peugeot 308 is the first compact hatchback to also have turbo installed in. With about the same amount of legroom offered by the Myvi and Iriz, but a much wider body, this is a compact car you can boast to your friends about.

So what do you think? Which ones of these spacious cars tickle your fancy? Leave a comment below!

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