4 Things To Note About Your Car’s Transmission (That Will Save You Money!)


Did you know that there’s a service you might not know about that can keep your vehicle operating smoothly? We’re talking about the transmission fluid exchange. This easily overlooked maintenance can help extend the life of your vehicle’s transmission and save you a lot of money in the long run.

Image from:  Motor Mow

Image from: Motor Mow

“When you have the transmission serviced normally, it replaces only a part of the worn-out fluid. The rest is left in, which can allow the transmission to slip and wear. A fluid exchange service replaces nearly all of the fluid in the transmission. This reduces heat, and can keep the transmission working for years to come.” said Dennis Madden, CEO of the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association, a California-based trade association that’s been around since 1954.

Here are 4 things you should know about your car’s transmission.


1. Do you need to change your transmission fluid?

Image from:  Auto Transmatic

Image from: Auto Transmatic

The simple answer is yes, especially if you’re planning to keep the car for a long time, or for someone who has bought a used car with high mileage. Getting the fluid replaced is certainly going to cost you less than replacing a faulty transmission Failing to properly maintain your car’s transmission could leave you stranded and with a big repair bill.

2. How often does your transmission fluid have to be changed?
This differs from car to car, but the range can be from as little as 48,000km to 160,000km. Unlike engine oil, transmission fluid should never burn off. You should be able to spot a transmission leak if you see a puddle of red liquid on the ground, usually around the front of the car. You should refer to the owner’s manual for specific guidance and to keep records of related services.

3. Should you do a flush of your transmission fluid?

Image from:  Clear Mechanic

Image from: Clear Mechanic

The transmission fluid helps keep mechanical components in your car cool and lubricated. Over time, as the transmission’s interior components wear down, there will be tiny particles that will contaminate the fluid. This could potentially lead to damage. So, flushing your transmission fluid should be a no-brainer right? Well, that depends. If your car is due for a servicing, by all means, go ahead. But it shouldn’t be a frequent occurrence as a working transmission shouldn’t have any tiny particles. Your best bet would be to know exactly when you are due for a transmission drain, otherwise you’ll be wasting your money and time.

4. How do you know when the transmission fluid needs to be changed?

Image from:  Car From Japan

Image from: Car From Japan

Checking on transmission fluid isn’t always easy. Your car may have a transmission dipstick in the engine, so it’s smart to check under the hood first. However, you can bring it into the shop and have a mechanic check it out. If you need to, ask your mechanic to check the transmission fluid for small particles or pollutants in the fluid.


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