4 Reasons You Should Buy Yourself A Car This Christmas


Ho Ho Ho! It’s Christmas time once again, and tis the season to be jolly. If you’re wishing that Santa will bring you a new car this Christmas, buckle up! As it turns out, December is the BEST month to buy a car. And today, in the spirit of the holidays, we’re about to tell you why you should be getting yourself a car for Christmas.

Image from:  Texas Hill Country

Image from: Texas Hill Country

1. In too deep (discounts)

Image from:  The Car Expert

Image from: The Car Expert

December is not only the month of holidays, it’s also when automotives get the deepest discounts all year. On average, you can probably get an average of 7.7% off the Manufacturer's Recommended Sale Price (MRSP), according to TrueCar.com. Imagine now if you will, if you’re in the market for a Perodua Myvi (MRSP: RM42,000), that works up to be around a savings of RM3,234!


2. Dealers and their goals

Image from:  Opportunity Max

Image from: Opportunity Max

Christmas time is all about food, family, friends and presents. Cars don’t really feature on people’s minds during this time, so the dealers are eager to give you the best deal, because they still have their quarterly targets to hit. “Dealers and manufacturers are looking to meet their annual sales goals, so many offer rich incentives,” says TrueCar senior analyst Cari Crane. Meanwhile, prices are slashed on that particular year’s vehicles as next year’s models move onto the lot, says Brian Moody, executive editor at Autotrader.com.

3. Old is gold


Another reason to buy cars during the holiday season is because technically, cars become one year older on 1 January, so that might have an influence on buyer’s perception of the car’s worth. However, if you’re not planning to sell the car anytime soon, or if you’re going to be using the car a lot, you will do well to snatch up some of these fantastic deals. Here’s another tip if you’re looking to buy a used car. The best time to buy a car is between September to the first week of January. The closer you are to the end of the year, the better deal you will be getting.

4. It’s time to treat yo’self!

Image from:  TheStreet

Image from: TheStreet

You might be thinking about buying yourself a car for Christmas. Maybe something’s changed for you, maybe you got that swanky new job, or maybe you’ve gotten a new family member. You’ve done all your research on cars in the market and you’ve got your eye on one. Well, Christmas is about the spirit of giving, and when you’ve been good all year, you’ll definitely want to reward yourself, so don’t forget to treat yourself.


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