4 Reasons Why You Need More Focus When Driving In Malaysia


It’s been drummed into our heads that we need to focus when we’re on the roads. This is especially true when you’re driving on the hectic roads of Malaysia. A sharp pair of eyes and a sixth sense that you’ve developed from avoiding potholes, crazy drivers etc are incredibly useful as well.

Here are 4 reasons why you need to focus when you’re driving on the roads.

1. Bad road conditions

Image from:  The Star

Image from: The Star

Malaysian roads aren’t exactly the most well-maintained. There are potholes where you least expect them, and every once in a while, there are obstacles like huge tree branches or even COWS on the roads. These can become giant surprises for drivers who aren’t putting 110% into their driving. Add in Malaysia’s infamous torrential rains and you’ll understand why focus is so important.

2. Lack of focus from other drivers

Image from:  New Straits Times

Image from: New Straits Times

You can be the most focused driver on the road, but it doesn’t help when your fellow drivers are out there doing things they should not be doing while driving; like eating, texting, talking on the phone etc. It’s hard to control them from swerving into your lane and getting into accidents.

3. Changing weather conditions

Image from:  Hype Malaysia

Image from: Hype Malaysia

Malaysian weather tends to go with 2 main seasons; sunny and rain. In rainy weather, the roads can get a bit wet and wild, and visibility is at an all time low. With the sunny weather, many drivers can experience the glaring sun in their eyes and the feeling of drowsiness. Overall, not the best weather conditions to be driving without full focus.

4. Overeager drivers

Image from:  Carlist.my

Image from: Carlist.my

Lack of focus by other drivers may be an issue, but a bigger issue are the drivers themselves being a right threat on the roads. Examples include tailgaters, the overtaker, the speed demons, the drifters, you name it. Malaysian drivers are probably the most impatient bunch of all, leaving people in their dust. So sharp focus has to be on the roads and on driving at all times.

Driving in Malaysia might be scary at times, but it’s the thrill of the ride that makes it so great. What other reasons can you think of that would require you to focus on the roads? Leave a comment below!

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