4 MORE Responsible Ways To Protect Your Car


Taking care of your car should be every car owner’s basic responsibility. A car requires a lot of love and care in order to function properly, because the last thing you need is for your car to break down at an inopportune moment. The importance of the role of cars in our lives is to help us remain safe and get to our destination.

That’s why we’re going to look at a few more responsible ways you can take care of your car for the long run.


1. Don’t leave your tyres tired

Image from:  Home Tyre

Image from: Home Tyre

One of the most important things to look out for is your tyre health. You should always ensure that your car’s tyres are filled with air to match the recommended level. Your tyres should also be regularly rotated to keep the wear even. Make it a point to get your car professionally inspected to ensure roadworthiness and replaced if worn out. It’s not worth it to compromise on your car’s safety.


2. Always have working lights

Image from:  Texas Instruments

Image from: Texas Instruments

You should always ensure that you have working headlights. It’s important to see where you’re going, and also for your own safety and the safety of others around you, helping to reduce the risk of an accident. Make sure you are using the approved lighting equipment that won’t blind other motorists on the road.


3. Service your car regularly

Image from:  Serrano

Image from: Serrano

Regular servicing of your car will keep it in tip top shape and running at optimal conditions. It’s always good to change the car’s most important fluids like the engine oil and coolant, to match the manufacturer’s recommended levels. Regular servicing will also help you identify the important parts such as air filters and brakes pads and whether they need to be replaced. This will help keep the car safe for you on the road.


4. File your receipts properly

Image from:  Tough Nickel

Image from: Tough Nickel

This is less of a way of taking care of your car than it is a life hack when you’re looking to sell your car down the road. You should always keep your repair and car service receipts as a means to help you track your service history. When you’re looking to sell your car, your receipts will also help to raise the resale value as it will let your buyer know if the car is well-maintained or not.


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