4 MORE Mistakes All Newbie P-Plate Drivers Make


We recently wrote about the mistakes all new drivers make on the road right after they complete their undang test and got their license. But it seems like we discovered some more mistakes that drivers seem to make on the roads, all with a P plastered on the back of their cars.

So today, we’ll be listing more noob driving mistakes that all P sticker drivers like yourselves (and even experienced drivers!) make on the roads.

1. Drinking and Driving

Image from:  zaidlaw

Image from: zaidlaw

We’re not talking about drinking water either. Look, we understand that young people who have just recently turned legal love to have a bit to drink. But just because your blood-alcohol level is below the legal limit your judgement isn't affected. Even one glass of beer can have significant effects on reaction time.

So save yourself the trouble and don’t drink and drive, no matter how confident you may think your drinking skills may be.

2. Not Enough Practice On The Roads

Image from:  GA Driver Safety

Image from: GA Driver Safety

Some people get their license, and then promptly forget about it. Maybe they have chauffers or maybe their boyfriends to drive them around. Experience on the road is not only important, it’s required. Contrary to popular belief, constantly exposing yourself to “difficult” situations on the road will not only help to improve your situational awareness and reaction time, it will also make you an all round more confident driver.

3. Your Way Or The Highway

Image from:  Malay Mail Online

Image from: Malay Mail Online

Highways are scary places for a new driver, with the fast cars and constant flashing of headlights by impatient drivers looking to overtake you. But slow driving doesn't always mean safe driving. Road hogging may cause other road users to lose patience and overtake recklessly, which puts others at risk of an accident.

Another point to note is that cars speeding past you on the other lane won’t collide with yours. A lot of new drivers assume that a crash is imminent and tend to swerve out of the way to avoid crashing. However, this will no doubt cause an even bigger issue and maybe even a bigger accident.

4. Don’t Drive When Stressed

Image from:  istock

Image from: istock

Young people nowadays may not be the best when it comes to keeping a cool head. This is especially true on the roads when faced with road bullies or just driving along unfamiliar roads and getting lost. Arguments, stress or traffic jams also bring with it the unwanted pressure of driving and this will detract from your ability to control your car. Try to keep a cool head and all will be well.

These are some of the issues faced by young drivers today. Do you have anymore? Leave a comment below!

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