3 Better Ways To Pay Your Traffic Fines

Queueing is one of the most frustrated thing happen when you need a rush.   Picture: Krizjohn Rosales via Pexels.com

Queueing is one of the most frustrated thing happen when you need a rush.

Picture: Krizjohn Rosales via Pexels.com

In this day and age where almost any important transaction can be performed online in just a matter of seconds, it’s quite surprising to see people still queueing up in long lines at banks or public institutions in order to go about their business. The same holds true for the issue of settling traffic fines and summonses.

Perhaps you parked your car, motorcycle or truck somewhere you shouldn’t have and received a fine from the local city council. Maybe you got a bit excited one day driving down the highway and did not realise that you were going above the speed limit, resulting in a fine received from law enforcement authorities.

Whatever the case may be, your fines will need to be paid eventually. With this burden on your shoulders, why not consider easier and more efficient ways of settling those fines?

Here are a few suggestions:

Government Websites

First and foremost, the government institutions that have issued you those summons or fines have modernized quite a fair bit over the past few years. At the very least, most of these government websites will allow you to check the status of your fines and the total that needs to be paid for them. Depending on the type of fine and which institution it is, you may be able to pay the fine directly to them through their own website.

However, if this isn’t the case, there’s always the option of using trusted third parties to settle your summons, such as MyEG or Rileks.com.my. These trusted third-party websites are government owned and can be used to settle a wide range of transactions, including police and city council summons and fines.

Of course, whenever you consider using third-parties to make online payments of any kind, be sure to do your homework and ensure that they are in fact legitimate websites or platforms.

Online Banking

Online banking is also a good option, especially if you’re already using online banking for your other financial transactions. Perhaps you’re already using your bank’s online platform to perform payments for other bills; why not use it to pay off your speeding ticket or parking summons as well?

Instructions on how to do so are typically available on the bank’s website itself, as well as on the back of the printed summons that you might have received.

Online banking platforms tend to be highly secure and since you’re using your own bank account to pay off the fines, the entire process should be a lot smoother compared to paying on another website and using their own payment gateway.

As with any regular financial transaction, be sure to save your receipts to prove you’ve made the payments and to keep track of your spending!

Post Offices

If, however, you still prefer to pay your fines in person, there is still a great alternative to walking into the offices of the government institution that issued those fines. Instead of walking into city hall or your nearby police station, and instead of performing your payments online, you can also just go to the nearest post office to your location.

The good thing about post offices is that they are always close by, and these days there are also many shopping malls with post offices located inside them or just nearby. This is great news because it makes your fine paying experience even more convenient! Imagine going to the shopping mall to have a meal or watch a movie, and then taking a few minutes to walk over to the post office to pay off your fines.

This way, you can add paying your fines to your to-do list, before or after you’ve gotten some shopping done!

No matter which payment option you decide to go with, the most important thing to remember is that our fines and summons need to be paid. This is our social responsibility, and we should not wait until the last minute to do so, because that sort of behaviour is the exact reason why payment counters are usually packed in the first place.

Make things easier on yourself, use one of these alternatives to save you time!