Young Automotive Geniuses


When you were young, have you ever imagined something that can be invented in the future? Or are you a genius kid? These young geniuses definitely prove to us that anything is possible! If you have a brilliant idea, make it work!

Photo Source:   huffingtonpost

Photo Source: huffingtonpost

11-year old Bishop Curry, invented a device that could save lives! His inspiration started when he heard the news that a six-month-old died after being left in a hot car. It was a tragic news to him and within hours, he then came up with a solution. The solution was; a fan that would automatically turn on when the inside of the car reaches a certain temperature. He showed the sketch of his work to his father, who then, told CBS News. He named the device “Oasis” and even decided to add on “Wi-Fi” in any case if the child needs to be rescued from a dangerous situation. A funding campaign for Bishop has raised more than $40,000 since its launch to build the actual model.

Then, there is this 1-year-old, who can identify almost every car or brands he sees! While many other 1-year-old are still probably learning how to say “Daddy or Mummy”, this kid aces it!

Photo Source:   dpccars

Photo Source: dpccars

Here is another young star named Henry, aged 3. According to his father, Henry has Hyperlexia (Significant difficulty in understanding and using verbal language) but he was able to read and can memorize pretty much any auto brand logo.

Photo Source:   image

Photo Source: image

Two girls by the name of Tarini Nadasen and Nikita Chitanand, both 16 years old, invented a device that generates thermo-electricity using the heat inside of a car. The showed how the heat could charge the battery and that, definitely impressed the judges in a school project competition. The ideation came when both of them were sitting in a car one day and realized it was very hot. The judges said that the concept has not been heard of and that was definitely the first.

Oh! Have you heard? BMW wants 1,000 geniuses in coming years. According to, to date, BMW stores have a total of 500 product geniuses. BMW will train and grow them into solid client advisers.

Do you know any child geniuses out there? Or are you one of them?