You Won’t Believe What This Car Manufacturer is Planning For Its New Cars!


This is something new and totally never heard before. Ford seems to have taken the competition for most innovative design and function and made it their own. They did it once with their award winning EcoBoost technology which has garnered praises from all quarters of the industry.

Image from:  Ford

Image from: Ford

But their “new” idea may be something even wilder.

Ford is tinkering with the idea of putting a conference room or a kitchen into their future autonomous vehicle’s interior. This follows a report by on a patent filing for a retractable table that comes with an airbag for use in self-driving cars. This means that the self driving cars of the future will not only be for transportation, but also allow you to have meetings, do work or even cook!

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Image from:

It makes sense if you think about it; if you’re not going to drive, might as well have some work space to be productive. The table is said to be able to retract into the floor of the vehicle if not in use. It will even come with an airbag that would inflate to absorb the impact and reduce injuries sustained by the passengers.

As interesting as the idea sounds, it may or may not be a reality. The report also states that these patent submissions on new ideas are merely standard business procedures; artially to protect new ideas with no concrete indication that it would even make it onto the production.

What do you think about this “WOW!” new design? Is it practical or just plain silly? Let us know in the comments below!

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