Women in the Automotive Industry


The automotive industry is no longer a man’s throne alone. Times are indeed changing and more women are stepping up the game. Even back in those days, there are many women who contributed towards the automotive industry, but remain unknown most of the time. Forget about stereotypes in this industry, we believe the automotive platform is suitable and acceptable for both genders!

At TOC Automotive College, we accept both male and female students with open arms. Although it is not a common scene in an automotive college to have female students, we are proud of our female students who dared to pursue their dreams in a man-dominating world.

Here is to naming a few significant women in the automotive industry;

Photo Source:   Dailymail

Photo Source: Dailymail

Simona De Silvestro

Photo Source:   kikn.com

Photo Source: kikn.com

Danica Patrick

Simona De Silvestro & Danica Patrick
Both of them are placed in the 2010 IndyCar race, which is the first time two women have held positions in the top ten. Simona is a Swiss car racer whereas Danica is American. Both of these women are professional car racers and they definitely prove women can be great racers too!

Photo Source:   paultan

Photo Source: paultan

Leona Chin
Our home-girl is a pride of the country when it comes to the automotive scene. She is known as the “Female Drifter in Malaysia”. However, she is also jack-of-all- trades as she masters not only drifting, but in Rally, Go-Kart, Gymkhana, Drag Racing, and Formula Race.

Photo Source:   BestRide

Photo Source: BestRide

Denise McCluggage
Born in 1927 in the United States in America, Denise was a pioneer of equality for women in the US, when it comes to the Motorsports industry. She has a profound passion for auto-racing and made her way to become an auto-racer in the US. She has won the “Grand Touring” category at Sebring in a Ferrari 250 GT in 1961.

Photo Source:   Razao Automovel

Photo Source: Razao Automovel

Sabine Schmitz
Sabine is known as the “Queen of the Ring” and became the first woman to win a 24-hour race, which is the “24 Hours Nurburgring”, twice! She has also earned the title of “The Fastest Taxi Driver in the World”.

Photo Source:   Listed Magazine

Photo Source: Listed Magazine

Linda Hasenfratz
If her last name seemed familiar to you, it is because, her late father, Frank Hasenfratz, is the Founder of Linamar Corporation. The establishment is one of Canada’s largest auto-parts maker. Linda took over her father’s role as CEO and has tripled the revenue of the organization. She is also the first woman who holds the “EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year” title in year 2014.

There are many notable women out there in the automotive industry and has given their full contribution towards this field. That being said, their significance in this industry is now being recognized and admired. According to catalyst.org, women hold 26.7% of jobs in the motor vehicles and motor vehicles equipment manufacturing industry in the United States. Although the percentage is still low compared to women in other industries, more opportunities are created in the automotive industry for women to explore. Let’s take an example; a platform called the “Automotive Women’s Alliance Foundation” is created for women who wish to achieve their ambition in the automotive field. That alone, speaks volume!