Welcome Aboard, Lucid Air!

Photo Source:   lucidmotors

Photo Source: lucidmotors

Have you heard? Tesla will have a new rival onboard. The future of electric cars are real, and very near. Car manufacturers are going all out to create new car technologies and competing against each other. No, we’re not paid to advertise on the car but this, is the future of all vehicles.

Photo Source:   c1cleantechnicacom

This time around, Lucid Motor showed us their new model called Lucid “Air”. It is their new electric luxurious car. The design of the car will make you feel as if you are riding in a private jet. The car offers plenty of space and leg room with the reclining seats. Lucid Air can hit up to an impressive speed of 235 mph.

The exterior of the car alone tells everything; sleek, simple, fresh and clean. On December last year, the company has revealed the prototype during a private VIP event. The car will have a starting base price of $52,500, which is equivalent to RM225, 671. However, the fully-loaded specs for Lucid air will costs above $100,000. That’s a hefty price tag! It is said that production will begin in year 2019 and looks like they will be leading the industry this time round.

Photo Source:   ytimg

Photo Source: ytimg

According to Derek Jenkins (Vice President of Design, Lucid), he said, “We wanted a lot of digital space, then set out to define a very simple, clear, easy-to-use experience. We are not trying to layer in a ton of stuff; it is all about good legibility.”

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