Types of jobs in the Automotive Industry!


There are many types of jobs in the Automotive Industry! The industry alone is fast-paced, exciting and challenging. Here’s a few types of jobs in the automotive industry:

Automotive Technician

Employment in this sector has been on the rise the past few years and is expected to remain constant. Many fresh graduates have honed the necessary skills during their studies and internship in order to be an automotive technician. Duties includes; inspecting and testing vehicles, repairing, replacing parts and components, adjusting controls and systems, and complying vehicle safety requirements and control standards.

Photo Source:   carthrottle   Chris Harris, a famous automotive journalist, racing driver and television presenter

Photo Source: carthrottle
Chris Harris, a famous automotive journalist, racing driver and television presenter

Automotive Writer

If you love automotive and you love writing, you can become an automotive writer! If you think you already had your fair share of hands-on experience and you want to try something more creative, you can venture into automotive writing and journalism. On the bright side, some motoring journalists have the chance to test out new vehicles and write opinions and reviews about it. An automotive writer’s job is to advise and update the public about a vehicle or automotive scene. One can be a writer for the press, magazines, online publications or even books.

Photo Source:   Alchetron   Leena Gade, Audi’s most famous LeMans-winning Engineer and the first female race engineer to win the 24 Hour of Le Mans

Photo Source: Alchetron
Leena Gade, Audi’s most famous LeMans-winning Engineer and the first female race engineer to win the 24 Hour of Le Mans

Race Engineer

If you are a Motorsport enthusiast and love the racing scene, being a race engineer might be for you! Although the job opportunity is limited here in Malaysia, there’s always a chance you might get it. Be passionate and never give up on your dreams. A race engineer is a team member in the motorsports team. Off the race track, an engineer analyzes data and determine the initial set-up for the next race and identify problems to make the performance of the car better. The engineer is there to ensure the best performance of the race vehicle within the rules and regulations of the race event. As fun as it may seem working with race cars, there is an amount of pressure and expectations from the team towards the race engineer.

Business owner- Retail/Car detailer

If you think you have an investor or simply saving the extra money to open up your own business, you can be an automotive business owner! From opening up your own retail to hiring professionals, you need to overlook your business as a whole. An extra advantage is to have experience in the real working world first before jumping onto the bandwagon. Your hands-on experience and skills are necessary to open up your own service center. Besides that, one can also venture into the car detailing business. Detailing includes; wash & wax, paint correction, gloss coat, rejuvenating wheels and tires, windshield treatment and the list goes on.

Sales and Marketing

If you think you communicate well with people and handles problems with ease, you will ace in the Sales and Marketing department. In the automotive field, the sales and marketing offers a good incentive and pay if you do well in your job. This includes being able to attract customers to purchase a product and understanding their needs and wants. A salesperson needs to learn the product in and out in order to give the best demonstration and details of the vehicle. That being said, one can always be promoted to become a Sales Manager!

Automotive Engineering

This job is a challenging job in the automotive field. This job deals with designing, developing, manufacturing, communicating, servicing, testing and repairing automobiles. Being an automotive engineer also means one must have some skills and knowledge on mechanical, electrical, software, electronic and safety. However there are different sections when it comes to engineering such as product and design, manufacturing, development and more. All these sections will come together to reach the goal of the object. While work may be challenging, the pay is also on a positive side.

Auto Electrician

This job enables a person to specialize on electric systems within the automotive vehicles. Usually, the industry will recognize this person as an “Expert”. This is because they have to know all systems in the car when something goes wrong. The headlights, diagnostic lights, alarm system, circuit board, alternator and starter motor all fall under the Auto Electrician’s domain of expertise. Some of their job scopes includes; electrical test, electrical repairs, installation of new electrical systems, Headlight alignment, operation of hand and power tools.

Test Driver

Deemed to be the best job in the world by many automotive enthusiasts, this job is rare and limited. There are a few famous test drivers around and to get there, they need years of experience in the automotive industry as a whole before getting there. If you get to be a test driver for a Supercar brand, you’d be ecstatic! A test driver usually drives prototype cars under test conditions to retrieve performance data of the vehicle. Once data is gathered, they need to perform test and install testing equipment’s to ensure the car is in its finest form and acknowledged for safety standards.
Automotive Service Advisor

When you go into a service centre, you always deal with that one person; the Service Advisor. They are the front person to assist in the automotive services and repairs by informing customers about problems and services needed. This includes verifying warranty and service contract, preparing repair orders, creating rapport with customers, liaising with auto technicians, keeping and maintaining automotive records, and calculating payment.

That being said, which automotive job would you like to undertake in your future?