Top 5 Traits & Skills for Automotive Professionals


Be it a Car Technician, Designer, Salesmen, Engineer or any other designations along the automotive line, there are some significant traits, skills and qualities one should possess. Generally speaking, any field in the work force requires an individual to have certain traits for effective job performance and credibility.

Many successful automotive leaders have traits in common and that made them who they are today. Here are some of the essential traits, skills and qualities one should possess;

Adaptation to Change

Many automotive leaders needs to adapt to dramatic changes from time to time in terms of technology, rules & regulations on the road, and demand from customers. If one is in the sales division, an individual needs to adapt to different types of customers because every customer is different. The importance to build rapport with customers are vital in the decision making of their purchase. That being said, they would even recommend you to their friends and family members!
To be able to change is also being flexible. According to the consulting company, Spencer Stuart, companies are seeking leaders who are “fast and flexible” as the auto industry has perceived a shortage of executives with business development expertise who can simultaneously see all aspects of business. Being flexible and nimble is proving to be more important than being big in order to compete and win in this environment.

Creative, Innovative & Up-to-date

First impression is everything! So is the look, design and function of a car. Times have changed in terms of customer needs and demands. In order to capture the attention of vehicle buyers in the new era, a product needs to be innovative and outstanding. That being said, car designers and automotive leaders are always aware of new technologies as it continues to evolve to best serve their customers. A great example would be; the Hybrid cars.

Individuals with a strong grasp of knowledge and the passion for new automotive technologies are currently in high demand. They are a great asset to automobile companies especially in these times as we now live in the “Technology era”.

“The world of connectivity is developing incredibly fast, and we therefore need talent that understands the new software of the car industry as well as the traditional hardware.” – Paul Welander, Senior Vice President Vehicle Line Management, Volvo Car Group –
The automotive industry is also a field of innovation, where creativity is key. The exterior of the car is as important as the quality of the parts used. Each year, vehicles are improving so it meets the space and weight limitations to achieve cost saving and “value for money” for customers.

Ability to Communicate

Communication is crucial, even in our everyday life. We relate to different people at all times and with good communication, comes good outcome. Example, great car technicians are able to relate well with their customers and to communicate with them effectively on car diagnosis and repair suggestions. This will create a better understanding amongst each other regarding a car problem.

Understanding a client’s requirements are as important as getting the job done right. According to Neil Kokemuller, a Marketing writer, if you are in a Supervisory position, you are often needed to lead a team that helps with research and design, so you must be able to communicate the goals of the project.

Problem Solving Skills

Problem solving skills are essential to every role in the automotive industry. A car technician needs to diagnose a car problem and get it fixed; at this point, he/she is taking a proactive step to solving unexpected problems every day. This job involves specific guidelines, not only to identify a problem but to also review and draw conclusions from it. Most of the time, they are given limited duration so, the ability to suggest possible ways in addressing the problems and finding the best solution is important.

Knowledge in the Industry

Knowledge is essential in working life. With knowledge, individuals have a platform to expand their potential. Getting an education in automotive is necessary to enter the industry. Employers always want to make sure that they are hiring staff who are fit for the job, and passion alone is not enough. Education and hands-on experience alone provides the basic fundamentals needed for many positions in the automotive industry.

Being an automotive professional, one needs to be good with tools. The knowledge to use different tools and equipments’ are the basic necessities in the work place. As for the Marketing and sales side, the need to familiarize themselves with the car they are selling is the utmost priority. From car models to specifications, customers will always have the expectation for a car salesmen to answer every question they have.

At TOC Malaysia, students are trained professionally to become an automotive professional. Their education modules instill these important habits not only to excel in their studies, but to also conquer the real working world.