Top 5 Odd-looking Cars ever invented


Creativity is subjective. Some may love it, while other may hate it. Here is to listing down a few odd looking cars!

Photo Source:   pinimg

Photo Source: pinimg

Williams FW07D/7C
This F1 race car has SIX wheels! No, it is not photo shopped . As a matter of fact, the car even set a few track records. In creation of this car, the purpose is to improve straight-line speed and traction out of corners due to increased rubber contact. However, the car was also said to be “bloody heavy” because there was so many hardware on the car. There has been a rumor that the FIA banned six-wheeled cars from Formula 1 but that remains a mystery until today.

Photo Source:   oldconceptcars

Photo Source: oldconceptcars

1942 Oeuf electrique
Looking like an egg, this electric egg car is designed by French Artist and Engineer, Paul Arzens in 1942 as a personal car. Electric cars already existed way before Elon Musk began to make it popular again. The car is made up of aluminum and curved Plexiglass.

Photo Source:   revsinstitute

Photo Source: revsinstitute

Cadillac Le Monstre
I don’t know about you, but this looks like a tank to me. They called this “The monster” but it met all rules and regulations on the race track. American sportsman and legend, Briggs Cunnigham took this car to Le Mans in 1950. His creations were the first to compete at the 24 Hours and finished at 10th place.

Photo Source:   classicdriver

Photo Source: classicdriver

1970 Ferrari (Pininfarina) 512 S Modulo
Many says that this car is the weirdest looking Ferrari ever built in history. This space-ship looking car is one of a kind. It is a race car and got its fame when it ran against the Porsche 917 at Le Mans. It was debuted at the Geneva Motor show in year 1970 with its original black paint. However, they changed it to white and it became an icon ever since. Today, the car is acquired by collector, James Glickenhaus.

Photo Source:   nydailynews

Photo Source: nydailynews

1932 Ford Speedster
This Ford looks amazingly low and long. The long front made the back seemed rather small. This creation is the brainchild of Edsel Ford. Today, this car is known as a “Hot Rod” icon. There was no top, bumpers or running boards. The car was purchased by John Cox who had no idea what the value and the history behind the car was and completely disassembled it. Shortly after that, it was realized to be Edsel’s creation of the Speedster. After Cox’s passing, the current owner took over 5 years to restore the car to its original condition.