This European Country Wants To Ban The Sale of All Gas and Diesel Cars By 2040


Gas and diesel cars have been a mainstay in our everyday lives for the past century or so. But that may soon change, after the French government announced that it’s taking steps towards banning the sale of new gas- and diesel-powered cars by 2040.

Nicolas Hulot, France’s new environmental minister, announced this ambitious goal in a speech. This new plan reflects French President Emmanuel Macron’s desire for his country to be a leader in combating climate change, and to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

Photo Source:   UPI

Photo Source: UPI

Hulot said that the end of gas- and diesel-powered car sales in France would be a “veritable revolution” and that ending their sale is a matter of “public health.” He believes that French automakers like Peugeot-Citroen and Renault are capable of making the transition to electric cars exclusively.

This new environmental plan notes that the transportation sector is the largest producer of greenhouse gasses in the country, but that rise of electric cars will help combat this. Hulot said the goal of eliminating gas and diesel cars by 2040 is ambitious, but he believes it’s doable.

While France isn’t the first country to move towards banning gas- and diesel-powered car sales, it’s the most significant. That’s a result of its population of 66 million people, and the fact that it has a robust automotive-producing industry.

Still, 2040 is a long way off, and with a lot of electric cars from makers like Tesla, Toyota and Honda set to hit the market in the coming years, we may be able to see this come true.

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