The Top 7 Best Superhero Vehicles


Not all superheroes have the amazing superpower of flight or teleportation. This brings about the need for a super cool looking vehicle little bit of style and utility to help them save the world. So seeing that there will be a slew of superhero movies coming out in the summer, let’s take a look at the best superhero vehicles that have ever graced the screens or the pages of comic books.

#7 Green Hornet’s Black Beauty

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A true classic, the Black Beauty is one of the oldest entries in this list. The Green Hornet’s trusty ride boasted of an array of awesome gadgets to help both Green Hornet and Kato. Built for action and speed, the car was a perfect fit for its driver and mechanic Kato, who knew how to maneuver the car to its limits with deadly precision. It also helps that the Black Beauty looked intimidating to strike fear into the hearts of villains.

#6 X-Men’s Blackbird

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The X-Men have one of the largest rosters of superheroes in their midst, so it would make send for them to have a quick and easy transportation method to send their mutants into battle. The Blackbird is one of the sleekest and sexiest vehicles used by any superheroes; its skinny design reminiscent of a hot rod or supercar. The Blackbird has an onboard Cerebro used to locate mutants as well as an enhanced cloaking device that literally makes the Blackbird invisible, which is one of its most defining traits.

#5 Ghost Rider’s Hell Cycle

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As an ex-motorcycle stuntman, Johnny Blaze, more famously known as the Ghost Rider is really into motorcycles. When he first becomes imbued with the demonic power of the Ghost Rider spirit, he shoots his hellfire-powered shotgun onto a nearby motorcycle. This is when the legendary Hell Cycle is born. The Hell Cycle always leaves behind a fiery trail and can reach supernatural speeds, which of course, looks intimidating as Hell – pun totally intended.

#4 Transformers’ Optimus Prime

Photo Source:   Allure Media

Photo Source: Allure Media

Optimus Prime is a unique case to this list, in that he’s both a superhero and a superhero vehicle. There’s no vehicle cooler than the one you literally transform into. Optimus Prime is the leader of the Autobots, who are in a civil war against Decepticons. In the Transformers films, Optimus Prime transforms into a Peterbilt 379 truck. His truck version is blue and red with flames and enough firepower to save the world.

#3 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’s Battle Shell

Photo Source:   Screen Rant

Photo Source: Screen Rant

Prior to popular belief, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles do not skateboard to their every destination. They have a van that gets them through the busy New York traffic., which also allows 4 large turtles to fit themselves and all their weapons and gear in. Donatello is in charge of maintaining and upgrading the “Turtle Van”, which soon evolved into the more famous Battle Shell. The fortified vehicle became more of an armored weapon built for assault rather than just transportation.

#2 Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet

Photo Source:   Comic Vine

Photo Source: Comic Vine

As one of the hottest movies to hit screens in 2017, Wonder Woman’s most famous vehicle is a plane she built; the Invisible Jet. The plane is as silent as it is deadly, and moves at supersonic speeds. Rightly named, the Invisible Jet has the power to be undetectable by radar or the human eye and the ability to shift from its crystal, “transparent mode” to complete invisibility rendering both itself and its occupants truly invisible. Although Wonder Woman possesses the power of flight, the invisible jet is very useful, as it contains certain on-board equipment, serves as a protective shelter, carries Wonder Woman’s cargo, and, of course, renders her invisible for stealth missions.

#1 Batman’s Batmobile

Photo Source:   Games Radar

Photo Source: Games Radar

If you’re looking for the most recognizable and iconic superhero vehicle in the world; Batman’s Batmobile probably fits the bill. The Batmobile is a beast, with its huge array of internal and external gadgetry like: flamethrower, non-lethal rounds, remote-control capabilities, reinforced inflating tires, grappling hooks, tire spikes, eject seats, and many others striking terror into the hearts of villains.

While there have been dozens of Batmobiles created over the years on television, film, video games and comics, the Batmobiles always find a way to steal the show. Each Batmobile fits their Batman’s specific character and attitude. And despite all of Batman’s tools and gadgets, the Batmobile will always be the most memorable one.

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