STARS of TOC – Mun Li Ping

Interview by Peter Burns – Asia Motorsport Development

What are you currently up to now?
I am currently a Service Advisor at Quill BMW. It has been 2 years and still counting!

How has studying at TOC Automotive College changed your life?
Studying at TOC has given me a strong base in the automotive industry. This includes knowledge and experiences, preparing me for the real working world. Many customers lack confidence when dealing with a female front-line especially in the automotive industry due to a “stereotype mindset”. However, I have confidence in myself because I am familiar with the ins and outs of a vehicle and is able to give proper explanation to customers. Aside from that, when customers questioned me on my education background, mentioning TOC to them builds trust in me.

What are your thoughts on the Automotive Industry after graduating & working?
In my opinion, technological wise in this industry is fast-paced. We need to adapt to new technologies and learn about it as soon as it reaches us. Being in the work force is similar to being in college as we need to learn new things every day and attend training classes. This enables me to study on different automotive products and to polish our skills in communication. Apart from that, the training provided teaches me ways to handle difficult customers and to overcome emergency cases in a professional manner.

What are your current hobbies?
I like doing extreme sports! Being active and healthy is important to me. Some of the extreme sports includes; ATV Riding, Flying Fox and Rock Climbing.

Advice for students who are pursuing automotive education
Do not give up easily! The road to success might be difficult, but patience is key. Be a responsible student in class and child to our parents.

What is your favourite car and why?
My favourite car would be the BMW G30 because I love the interior design and features of the car. Apart from that, the car is also user-friendly!

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