Some really cool automobile print ads that’ll make you look twice


What is a print ad? It’s those picture ads we see on magazines and newspapers or pretty much any ad that is printed. We’re usually bombarded with lame, boring ones that are either jaded or overkill. I’ve gone ahead and picked out some of the really good stuff for you.

Clever, tongue in cheek, bold, nasty or eye opening – these are some pretty cool print ads about automobiles that will make you stop and go wow. Here you’ll find ads that appeal to our intellect and humor forcing each viewer to look at things from a different angle or perspective. The best part about some of these ads? They aren’t just about selling you something; every once in a while they come with an actual point and a deep message (not all though, some are just cool).

Photo Source:   Adeevee

Photo Source: Adeevee

Alright, this one’s a cop out – it’s not really about the automobile industry. But the messaging is genius and hey, like the ad says, over 3 million people in France (and more from the rest of the world) will keep thinking that this is an ad for a car! Now if you read it, you’ll realize it’s actually pushing awareness for illiteracy.

2. It’s instinct

Photo Source:   The Inspiration Room

Photo Source: The Inspiration Room

This is so cool. Why is it so cool? I don’t know! I just want this beast for all my adventures. This one evokes a sense of wild, free and I NEED AN ADVENTURE!

3. Better than a Lambo?

Photo Source:   drivetribe

Photo Source: drivetribe

No arguing with that fact… This is the total opposite of false advertising, really. Yay for positive spins! Loving the creativity and ingenuity behind this one and how it manages to actually make a van sound somewhat cool.

4. No one wants to stop driving an Audi

Photo Source:   Audi Print Advert

Photo Source: Audi Print Advert

An Audi ad without an Audi. An ingenious way of portraying the idea that even the getaway driver was having too much fun driving and couldn’t stop to wait. The subliminal message of Audi being a villain’s car or the “bad boy’s car” doesn’t hurt either, adding to its witty messaging.

5. Nobody’s Perfect

Photo Source:   Pinterest

Photo Source: Pinterest

Cheeky and sarcastic, Porsche has a little fun by really driving the point of being the best while adding a dash of humbleness by advertising their LeMans results. No one can say they didn’t earn the bragging rights for this!

6. Your mother wouldn’t like it.

Photo Source:   Pinterest

Photo Source: Pinterest

Sex sells. Who’s buying? Anyone who probably saw this ad, honestly – I mean, dayum, it’s sexy and gutsy. Too bad they don’t make ‘em like they used to, though. I’m taking about the ad, btw, it’s vintage.

7. Getting there is just as fun.

Photo Source:   Creative Ad Awards

Photo Source: Creative Ad Awards

Oh yeah, you can tell from the get go that this ad will appeal to any family (and all the little munchkins). This could’ve gone terribly wrong if we got a feeling a messiness or dirt – instead, I get nothing but sunshine and relaxation.

8. It’s like being on a roller coaster!

Photo Source:   Pinterest

Photo Source: Pinterest

Everyone loves roller coasters (well, almost everyone) and if you too have a penchant for thrills and that euphoric sense of soaring, then it’s clear that the Mini is for you.

9. Get there faster.

Photo Source:   Rubrikabrac

Photo Source: Rubrikabrac

Renault gets the message across in a timeless fashion (get it). Though hour glasses are a thing of the past, everyone understands the message.

10. Drive Safe!

Photo Source:   Ads of the World

Photo Source: Ads of the World

And finally, this one’s by a company that maintains roads. It’s not an automobile ad per se but I figured it’s as important as any if not more so and the best way to end this. Remember, don’t drink or text or do anything stupid while driving. Yes, that includes putting on your make-up, changing your clothes, eating fries (don’t tell me you haven’t).

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