Praga Asia Picks TOC as Exclusive Provider for Race Technicians

Key Players Forge Strategic Alliance to Further Strengthen Automotive Industry

Aspiring racers rejoice! TOC Automotive College will now be collaborating with the new yet formidable karting team, Praga Asia, who are looking to secure race technicians exclusively from TOC. The affiliation will offer TOC students invaluable experience and insight into what’s it like to work with a factory-backed team racing in the Asia Max Challenge, a premier karting series.

The Praga Karting brand has a proven track record of producing professional racers who dominate internationally, and has now formed Praga Asia to do the same in this region. With this, the team will now be setting their sights on TOC students to expand their talent pool for drivers and mechanics, with TOC the exclusive provider for the latter.

Newly formed Praga Asia is hugely popular among many racing enthusiasts, as it provides them with a viable and realistic platform to achieve their dream of racing in one of the most prestigious championships in South East Asia, where the winning championship driver gets to represent their country in the Rotax World Finals.

Chew Li Jing: Red shirt on the right.

Many TOC students have jumped at the opportunity to learn from Praga, and view them as a good start to learn and make a name for themselves in the world of competitive motorsports. “GoKart is a very challenging game in motorsports…after 15 minutes of race, we only have 45 minutes to change parts or engine according to the driver’s preference,” said Ooi Yuan Zhang. “I will continue to join different teams or race categories, and do my best till someone from F1 asks me to join their crew.”

For some students, the allure of Praga’s brand name and the experience that comes with working for such a good team has been nothing short of an inspiration. “Praga team is one of the best and top teams in Asian karting. They also have a lot of experience in karting championships in Malaysia as well as abroad,” Muhd Azim Ikhwan said. “But behind all the glamour, I find them to be a team that is really hardworking and have inspired me to achieve my goals.”

TOC CEO Ms Adelaine was particularly excited with this affiliation, knowing well how much cars and racing mean the world to many students at TOC “I believe every student should be given an opportunity to pursue their dreams and passion, even on the track. “We always try our best to associate and work with the best out there, be it in servicing, repairing or racing. This gives our students the chance to learn from experts who are making a difference in their field.” Adelaine further remarked: “In order to be the best, you’ve got to learn from the best.”

“In order to be the best, you’ve got to learn from the best.”

Besides being a premier automotive education provider, TOC is no stranger to the motorsports scene. The college has its very own racing team which regularly participates in races such as MCS (Malaysian Championship Series) and Sepang 1000K. The college also co-founded TARA (TOC-Aylezo Racing Academy), by collaborating with Aylezo Competizione, a successful local professional race team which regularly competes internationally and is currently challenging in the Asian Le Mans series.