Shine Bright like a Diamond


Diamonds are not necessarily a girl’s best friend! However, the least we could say, is that, diamonds are forever! Of course, some men likes a little *Bling* too. Speaking of which, some likes diamonds embedded onto their cars. Yup, you heard that right, diamond on cars.

Let us enlighten you on cars with real diamonds, or any bling for that matter!

Photo Source:   WMotors

Photo Source: WMotors

Look at that be-dazzling eyes. They call it, the diamond eyes.

Lykan Hypersport Supercar
This is the first car to have diamonds in its headlights! The bling head-lights are made out of titanium LED blades, encrusted with 420 diamonds, with a weight of 15 carats. That does not stop here, buyers can also customize their car with different choices of diamonds; Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphires and so forth. It also has gold stitching throughout the seats. Setting at 3.5 million dollars, the company will only produce seven of these cars.

Photo Source:   BMW BLOG

Photo Source: BMW BLOG

That stardust paint in perfection

Rolls-Royce Ghost Elegance
Dubbed as the world’s first diamond car, this exceptional vehicle is infused with diamond stardust paint. It is customized by a client and was showcased at the Geneva Motor Show. According to a writer from, the car is like a thousand crushed diamonds twinkling through the silky-smooth surface of the Rolls-Royce. The car maker collaborated closely with “Jean Boulle Luxury Group”, to source natural gem-quality diamonds from Namibia, a country in Southwest Africa. They then created the diamond powder, overlay it with paint for sheer perfection.

Photo Source:   MercedesBlog

Photo Source: MercedesBlog

All that Bling!

Diamond Mercedes
This is apparently the World’s most expensive car. Encrusted with 300,000 diamonds, the entire car’s body is fully covered. The car was displayed at the Dubai Auto Show, celebrating their 50th anniversary of the Mercedes Benz SL550. However, there has been a controversy that this car does not belong to the Saudi Prince. Whatever it is, we are just here to feast our eyes upon this beauty. Speaking of a bling-out Mercedes, a Russian student by the name of Daria Radionova covered her Mercedes body with thousands of Swarovski Crystals. According to, she wanted something unique and special. These cars are sure to sparkle anywhere it goes!

Photo Source:   The Verge

Photo Source: The Verge

Inside the spectacular Bugatti Chiron

Bugatti Chiron
This Supercar comes with speaker tweeters made out of diamonds! Each of the four tweeters have a one-carat diamond membrane for incomparable sound output. Well, if you are into speakers, you may love this. Carrying a 2.6 million price tag, the entire package is wrapped in a carbon-fiber skin.

At the end of the day, it is up to personal preference. If you like a little bling on your car, why not?