Most Popular Cars to Use At Your Wedding


Are you getting married soon? Getting married is a life changing decision, and almost everyone would want to make their wedding an unforgettable experience. And believe it or not, wedding cars are among those details that can make your wedding an amazing one. So take a look at what the top wedding cars that are bound to catch the eye and impress your audience (and in-laws).

Photo Source:   Herts Limos

Photo Source: Herts Limos

The Classics
Rolls Royce Phantom

A vintage beauty. If the groom is Prince Charming, the Rolls Royce Phantom is the mighty white steed he rides to save his princess.

Photo Source:   Legends Wedding Services

1940s Austin Princess

Another vintage beauty that will be sure to catch your eye. With coachwork in Old English White these cars are in the perfect wedding color and make a superb pairing to the wedded couple.

Photo Source:   Special Day Cars

Photo Source: Special Day Cars

1930s Beauford Convertible Tourer

Create a perfectly romantic ambiance for your wedding day with the classic beauty. Immaculately presented and perfectly elegant, this is a perfect car to be on as you travel into wedded bliss together.

Photo Source:   Abler Chronicle

Photo Source: Abler Chronicle

A Horse and Carriage

A real princess will definitely go for the traditional horse and carriage. Elegant and definitely Instagram-worthy, this is a great choice for couples who want a fairytale wedding.

The Modern Chics
Mini Cooper

There’s one reason why the Mini Cooper is in the list: Mini Coopers never go out of fashion. Imagine a party of Mini Coopers racing down the highway to your wedding; absolute class.

Photo Source:   Wedding Cars Singapore

Photo Source: Wedding Cars Singapore

Volkswagen Beetle

Every woman’s dream car. The Volkswagen Beetle has been modernized, and while it may not be the manliest car around, the bride and her bridesmaids will definitely have some beautiful Instagram pictures.

Photo Source:   Gallerieck

Photo Source: Gallerieck

A Ferrari

They’re red, they’re wild, and they’re amazing. Ferraris, originating from Italy, speak the language of passion and poetry on the road, and that will definitely translate well to the journey into wedding bliss.

Which one of these cars would you love to have during your wedding? Let us know!