Malaysians taking their cars to the next level!


Creativity is very subjective. Some may like it, some may not. However, what matters most, is that it can capture someone’s attention. What we have here now, are cars that are decorated or customized by Malaysian owners. Enjoy!

Photo Source:   Luxury Launches

Photo Source: Luxury Launches

Miniature cars on car!

We are sure you have either seen this car somewhere or someone has posted about it. This car got all its attention because it is something no one has even seen before here. The owner, goes by the name of Datuk Seri Mahadi Badrul Zaman, decorated his Jaguar with 4,600 toy cars! He is an avid fan and collector of miniature toy cars especially Hot Wheels. He started his collection at the age of 13, and now displays it all in a very creative way. Definitely an eye-catcher on the road. Who would have even thought about this?

Photo Source:

Photo Source:

Hello Kitty car

Back in 2005, car owners are also very creative in their own way. What seemed to be odd back then, is now normal! A Hello-Kitty fan by the name of Mohd Azhari, stole the show at Suria KLCC by displaying his very own Hello Kitty Kancil car. The car is filled with Hello-Kitty collections, from soft toys to cushions. Looking all pink and sweet, the car got all the attention it was looking for. Azhari is also a big fan of the character and since he could not get his hands on the Hello-Kitty Daihatsu, only produced in Japan, he decided to pimp up his own!

Photo Source:   Otago Daily Times

Photo Source: Otago Daily Times

Tea in car, anyone?

A Malaysian Green Technology Entrepreneur, Ehong Tan, loves drinking Chinese tea and Aromatherapy. She decided to customize her Bufori Geneva, equipped with a tea-making and aromatherapy feature. Talk about self-indulgence on the road! According to, she mentioned that the car allows her to make tea and drink while travelling, which creates comfort that she had always wanted.

Photo Source:  The Star Online

Photo Source:The Star Online

For the love of Sultan

Just as you thought you did your best to show loyalty and love to someone, wait until you meet M.Kandapan. Not only did he decorated his house with thousands of flags as well as the Sultan’s pictures, he even decorated his very own Perodua Myvi car. We are talking about the Sultan of Johor! His car is wrapped with the Sultan’s picture and adorned with district flags. His loyalty and love for the Sultan of Johor is to show respect and compassion towards the Johor Ruler.